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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost Treasures Placements

We had our monthly Lost Treasures meeting on April 8 and we invited the project volunteers to join us. They are working on Photographs, a Family Bible, a DAR Certificate and a Marriage Certificate. I conducted an orientation for Lost Treasures and our newest Lost Treasures committee member brought a box of documents to be inventoried from the Bean/Hill family of Los Angeles. Our new committee member will research and attempt to place these documents.

As of April 8, 2009, I have placed two more items. One collection of Deeds is from the Byam family of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The Chelmsford Historical Society is in the process of digitizing deeds and this will be the perfect addition to their collection. No living descendant from this Byam branch was located.

Also, I placed the Cora Hanson (Hauptmann) diary with the Black River Falls Public Library in Jackson County, Wisconsin.

I am working on placing a literary notebook with San Diego State University, Special Collections.

I sent an email to the Military Museum in Sacramento, Library. I am hoping they will take the Frank C. Woods military documents because no living descendant could be located for placement. The Miller Stevens papers were placed with a descendant of Jedediah Miller and Jonas Stevens (of Steuben County, NY). A copy was sent to the Steuben County Historian in New York. This Miller/Stevens family is no relation to any other items we have in our inventory. Although the names Miller and Stevens do occur in the inventory the names and locations do not match, this has been verified several times.

My Search continues for McKinnon, Weaver, Ringstrom, Lewis, Hendricksons, Thayer, Clark, Trebes and Edward and Fanny Friend (photos of Riverside,CA).