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Friday, December 31, 2010

Genealogy Achievements for 2010

1. Joined ProGen Study group in August. It is a nineteen month commitment.
2. Published "Ballaymeath?" on my website after a year of research
3. Got to know fellow genealogy enthusiasts at the North San Diego County Genealogical Society and volunteered at an event to greet and hand out programs. Part of the genealogy "Lunch Bunch".
4. Wrote an article for the North San Diego Genealogical Society Newsletter, Paths to the Past on the SCGS Jamboree Experience (Vol XL, Number 9, Sept. 2010) and Santa Barbara Trip, Spanish Heritage Anyone? (Vol XL, Number 8, August 2010,page 8)
5. Brick wall buster. Thanks to the Obituary Index at the Rutherford B. Hayes Library in Ohio I found a lead on my elusive ancestor Edward Ward.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ProGen Assignment Gwynn's Favorite Blogs

Here is a list of my favorite blogs:

1. by Randy Seavers
Randy Seavers is a friend of mine that I met at the San Diego Genealogical Society Randy writes the summaries of the SDGS meetings for the newsletter.
He is the past president of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society in California and current newsletter editor for CVGS. We share a common “Stephen Gates” ancestor. Randy has participated in the “Blogging” panel for SCGS Jamboree for the past two years. He encouraged me to start blogging two years ago.

1056. Stephen Gates, born About 1634 in Norfolk, ENGLAND; died 09 July 1707 in Stow, Middlesex County, MA. He married About 1664 in probably Watertown, Middlesex County, MA.
1057. Sarah Woodward, born 03 February 1642/43 in Watertown, Middlesex County, MA; died 21 October 1706 in Stow, Middlesex County, MA. She was the daughter of 2114. George Woodward and 2115. Mary Gibson.(1)

1. Seavers, Randy. Geneamusings post: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Surname Saturday – GATES. blog. email, copyright 2006-2010.

Phyllis Matthews Ziller
Family History Writing
Sample post topics: Photos, “Why I Write”, Newspaper Research, Obits, Family stories, Revisit previous writing, Inferences, Record Types

Diane Haddad: Family Tree Magazine
Genealogy News, basic tips.

Gena Philbert Ortega
Gena’s Genealogy
VP for Southern California APG, Genealogy Speaker: Spoke to the NSDCGS on Social Networking for Genealogy. GenealogyWise. Topic: Ideas and Resources for Genealogy

Our own… Chris Staats blog: I appreciate his sense of humor and sharing Ohio resources.

Diana Dretske: collections coordinator for the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda, Illinois. Subject:
Lake County and Chicago research, photos, history and cemeteries.

Edward Ward Research Plan

Detailed Analysis

1. (Test) Focus
a. Who is the principal person in the problem? Edward Ward
b. What identifiers distinguish this person from all other human beings?
name: Edward Ward
• birth facts: born 1800 in Maryland or Virginia: discrepancy. see timeline. Note: family legend states that the family was from Lynchburg, Virginia.
• marriage facts: 1825 Edward ward Married Margaret Miller in Allegheny County, Maryand.
• death facts Edward Ward dies on 5 Sept 1878: Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio.
• residences and dates:
1826 was first child John Ward born in Virginia?
1830 Census: Mohican Township, Wayne County, Ohio
1846-1850 Ashland County formed and Mohican Township became part of Ashland County.
1858-1878 Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

• children: for details see timeline
1826 John Ward is born (In Virginia?)
1831 Joel Ward is born (1850, 1900 Census)
1838 William Ward is born (1850 Census)
1849 Edward L. Ward is born (1850 Census)

• parentage: unknown. This is part of what needs to be found as well as birthplace of Edward Ward.
c. What major life event is the focus? Birthplace and parentage of Edward Ward.
• Where did the event take place, or the circumstance arise or the relationship originate? Virginia (family legend), Maryland (marriage record) or Pennsylvania (where Margaret Miller, Edward’s Wife was born.
• When did it occur (specific or estimated date or duration)? 1800
• Who else should been have been involved? possible siblings

2. (Test) Evidence
a. How reliable is the source or sources from which the data come? (see chapter 17):
• Family Legend: may have kernel of truth in that the Ward family may have come from Lynchburg, Virginia. I would be more inclined to state that they originated near Allegheny County, Maryland.
• 1890 Veteran’s Schedule (scan of original from Ancestry although prone to error like the census)
• Registry of Enlistments (scan of original from Ancestry)- Reliable made at the time of enlistment
• Census 1830,1840,1850,1860,1870: somewhat reliable: digital scan of census from Ancestry (twice I errors in Ancestry’s transcription)
• Marriage Index: Ancestry transcription: not very reliable would need to see original
b. analysis:
Time Line Analysis: see attached
Mathematical Analysis: calculated the ancestor’s age at various events included in timeline.

3. (Test) Methodology:
Land-records Study: Land Office survey for land study:

Ohio Land Office Date County Result Other land owners with Ward Surname
Zanesville 1820 Holmes Edward residence in 1830 Cornelius Ward 1835
Cincinnati 1840 Wayne Edward residence in 1840 Obed Ward 1831
Cincinnati 1846-1850 Ashland Edward residence in 1846-1850
Lima 1837 Putnam Edward residence in 1858-1878 Daniel Ward 1837 (possible DNA Match on Family Tree DNA: Haplo is i1 dates are b. 1825 and d. 1887)
James Ward 1838
William Ward 1838
Knox 1817 Rufus Ward

Whole-Family (or Neighborhood) Study: use census.

Supporting Documentation:
1. ancestor/ descendant charts: provided with chart hand drawn by relatives.
2. detailed lists of associates, collateral kin, in-laws, and neighbors: have some collateral kin, look for living collateral descendants.
3. plats assembled into neighborhoods
4. maps annotated to show migration routes: migration route: National Road: check Wheeling, West Virginia?

Research Methodology: Initial assessment:

• Genealogy Chart supplied by relatives.
• Searched Ancestry for Census, looked two pages ahead and two pages behind.
• Found Edward in the 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1860 census and the following census for Edward’s son Joel Ward: 1880 census, Veteran’s Schedule for 1890 and 1900 census.
• Went to the Los Angeles Public Library
• Found Edward Ward listed in a Registry of Enlistments for 1830 which states birthplace as Baltimore, Maryland. Searched Ward families in Lynchburg, Virginia and Allegheny County, Maryland, found no Edward or birthdate of 1800 among these. Research for land record chart: Scanned deeds from Ancestry.

DNA: Ward

Searched Family Tree DNA for Wards that may have been in Ohio/Virginia during the time periods on the timeline and match with in two differences the genetic markers of other Wards, so I can determine where to look next. ( this methodology was suggested by a friend at a local genealogy society who has Ward ancestors, although it is unknown if they are related to me.)
Get the son of the Ward Cousin to test for DNA.

Probably share a common ancestor 4 generations back: match: vary by 2
Haplogroup G Middle East or South West Asia; Subgroup 17: Nathan Ward m. Ann William Grayson County Virginia in 1809; Columbus Frank Ward b. 1877-1963 North Carolina to West Virginia.
Haplogroup G2a2: ( Sub group 17)British Isles: Turkish: William Ward : Virginia B. 1820 died 1900. James Lemuel Ward born in Virginia. Died in 1808 in Floyd, Johnson, KY.

Haplogroup H: South Asia: Romani people. Gypsies: John Ward Jr. (HVRI 16519C)

Haplo Group i1 (Scandinavia) Daniel Ward (see land record chart) Adams, County, Ohio ; Jonathan Ward of Virginia 1780 (Subgroup I); Shadrack Ward (subgroup II) 1760-1770 VA or (NC or SC) Jonathan and Shadrack Ward are probably not related, they have more than 3 different markers.

Haplogroup N1: (Russian Turks) Joseph Ward: Moorefield, Hardy County, VA b. 1747

Haplogroup R1b1: Albert Ward 1832 of Virginia (Sub group 15) too many differences: more than three- not related to William Ward in R1b1b.

Haplo group R1b1b (Spain, Portugal, Western France and Ireland) Josiah Josas Ward (subgroup 12): Thomas Ward (Ohio) R1b1b2 (close match); William Ward (subgroup 5) vary by 1 probably related to Josiah and Thomas.
R1b1b2a1b5b Charles Ward of Donegal, Ireland

Haplogroup R1b1b2 (Bashkirs of the Bashkortostan and Perm region: Russian Turks) Danforth Ward (Subgroup 6) Huron, Ohio 1825 ; Thomas Ward (subgroup 14A) VA, James River 1761 and Isaac Ward oh Ohio Hamilton County (1880 d.) (vary by 1 or 2) share common ancestor; Handsworth Yorkshire to West Virginia sub group 14b: Jonathan Ward b. 1875; EXACT MATCH with share common ancestor 4 generations back with (R1b1b2a1b4c) George Ward from handsworth, Shieffield, York, England (Sub group 14b) born 1747.

Research Plan:

1. Research “Wards” in Columbus Grove, Putnam County
2. Neighborhood search
3. Need to search Edward Ward’s children for living descendants who may have more information about Edward’s birthplace and parentage: searched for Joel Ward: direct ancestor. (possibly message boards, although sometimes this can take any where from one month to a year to get a reply)
4. Need to search Baltimore, Maryland for Edward Ward born 1800 and his parents.
5. Send Research requests to Putnam County Library. Go to see list for Local History and Genealogy Collection: cost is $1.00 per obituaries, probate record or church records. Information from books is 25 cents per page with a minimum charge of $1.00. (Obtained Edward’s death notice through this service.
6. County History search for backgrounds on counties: Georgina Cole Carlsbad Library (see library list), Google Books, Heritage Quest. Search GC Library for Putnam County, Ohio. Any Periodicals that cover this area?
7. Search Western Maryland Historical Society Library: Do they have Interlibrary Loan or research request service?
8. Order Joel Ward’s pension file for Civil War may have birth location information and list of Father’s birthplace?
9. Did any of his siblings fight in the Civil War, investigate this further.
10. Genealogy Bank and News Archive for locality newspapers
11. Order marriage record from Allegheny, Maryland County Courthouse.
12. Search NARA M829: U.S. Military District land-entry case files.

Research Repository: Georgina Cole Library, Carlsbad, California: Look to see if any of these are on Google Books or Family Search first:

1830-1846 Mohican Township, Wayne County, Ohio

Call Number: 977.161S2 IND (Book)
Index to Land Records, Wayne County Ohio.

Call Number 977.161 (Book)
Smith, Richard G. Early Land records of Wayne County, Ohio

Call Number 977.161 R4 SMI (Book)
Wayne County tax list. 1826

Call number 977.161.H2 CAL (book)
Caldwell, J.A. Caldwell’s Atlas of Wayne County.

Call Number: 977.161 H2 DOU (book)
Douglas, Benjamin. History of Wayne County Ohio from the Days of the Pioneer and First Settlers to the present Time.

LH 9734 Microfiche
Commemorative Biographical Record of Wayne County, Ohio: Biographical sketches of prominent men and representative citizens and early citizens.

GC Library
1846-1850 Ashland County formed and Mohican Township became part of Ashland County.

Call no: 977.129 NEE (book)
Neel, Thomas Stephen. Ashland County, Ohio, Church Records (paperback book). Ashland, OGS. 2000.

Call no: 977.129 (book)
Knapp, Horace. S. A History of the Pioneer and Modern Times of Ashland County from the Earliest to the Present date. 1863. (found nothing on Edward Ward)

Call no: 977.128 B2 PAS (Periodical)
Pastfinder: (covers Ashland County and Wayne County, OH)

Call no: 977.129 BAU (Book)
Baughman, Abraham J. History of Ashland County. 1909 JS Clark Publishing
(found nothing on Edward Ward)

Call no: LH 7182. Microfilm
Duff, William Alexander. History of North Central Ohio: Ashland and Knox County.

Call No: LH 7259 Genealogy (Microfiche):
GAR/SAR. Military History of Ohio: Indian Wars, War of 1812, Mexican War- War of the Rebellion.

GC Library
1858-1878 Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

977.18 B22 Put B.5 (book)
Putnam County, Ohio Cemetaries
(note too recent)

LH15780 (Microfilm)
Putnam County, Ohio Marriages, 1834-1877

977.118 POR
A portrait and biographical record of Putnam County, Ohio.
(note: nothing on Edward Ward found)

977.118 H2 CEN
Centennial Celebration, Putnam County, Ohio, USA: 1934
(note: nothing on Edward Ward found)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Gatherings

Our family is three members short after the past two years. My son's step-grandpa passed away, my step dad and my uncle. We plan to carry on the tradition of humor that these three people brought to the family gatherings. The step grandpa always sang a Danish song, my uncle played the banjo or guitar and my step dad had funny jokes. This year we are going to find old pictures (like the Dead Horse Investigation photo in Colleen Fitzpatrick's book) and put captions on it. We did this for stress relief when my step dad was in the hospital last year before he was a crack up. We thought it would make a great Christmas Game for this year. How on earth do you judge something like that for prizes? A laugh-o-meter or who makes you laugh until you cry? My favorite photo is one of my ancestor "Ada Wescott" (nee. Coon) wearing a "bird" hat. Their caption was "How do you like us?". These hats were not just feathers but an actual stuffed bird. That is about as appealing to me as a real fox stole that women used to wear. EWWWW! I will look around at the Dead Fred website and see what else I can find.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The three Jeremiah Sankeys of Centre County, PA 1800-1865

How did I sort them out?
I used three methods of sorting the Jeremiahs, location consistancy, parents and spouses names. There were three Jeremiah Sankeys (one has the middle name of Asher not Alexander) that lived in Centre County at the same time (I used the census records first):

1. Jeremiah Alexander Sankey is born in 1842 he would have been 18 in 1863 or 22 in 1865. I can't find any record of my Jeremiah Alexander Sankey 's Civil war service probably because he is listed as a member of the Centre County Militia 1862 (Linn History of Centre County) He served in the militia.

2. Jeremiah Sankey was 27 years old in 1864 (as corporal) Company L- Regement 3, Artillery, 4-752 Bates reference (shoemaker, deserted on July 22, 1865)

3. Jeremiah Asher Sankey was 25 years old in 1862, the card records him dying at City Point, VA 3-25-1865 of wounds received in action, from Potter's Mills, PA (1st Serg.) Company F- Regiment 3, Artillery, 4-597 Bates ref
(this one was a Farmer from Potter) Also referred to as Jeremiah A. Sankey.

Do you have a research story about several people with the same name you are searching for? How did you sort them out?

Monday, November 1, 2010


New analysis on "The Mystery Parish of Ballaymeath, Londonderry, Northern Ireland" on my website. I have been working on this on and off for about a year. This work discusses GT Ridlon's Riddell book in regard to his mention of Ballaymeath, Londonderry, Northern Ireland and why it is probably Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland as the place of origin for my line of the Riddell family.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Edward Ward of Columbus Grove, Putnum County Ohio Timeline

Edward Ward
Mathematical Analysis: Edward’s Age listed in parenthesis
Time Line
End notes and sources are listed in italics in the text (I could not get blogger to do superscript nimbers)

1794 or 1800? Ward, Edward b. Maryland (What county?)
Discrepancy for birth date: (Census 1850, 1900) MD. Family Legend: Living relative suggests Lynchburg, VA (The Dye family went there to mortician school) and suggested that this is where Edward Ward was born.

1800 Putnam County Sentinel Death Notice 8 says Edward was 78 years old when he died but does not give birth location.

1808 Miller, Margaret birth location discrepancy: b. Virginia (1900 census) b. PA (1850 Census)

1825 Ward, Edward m. Margaret Miller (Ancestry; MD Marriages 1655-1850) Allegheny County, MD
Edward 8 Sep 1825 Margaret Miller5
(note: this fits with the birth date of the first child) (Age 25)

1826 Ward, John b. to Edward Ward VA(1850 Census5: John is 14) (Age 26)
1830 Census Edward Ward 9, Washington Township, Holmes County, Ohio (Note: This census lists only the head of household and tic marks(age 30)
1830 Census Males Females
under 5 1 1
over 30 under 40 1 1

1830 Census Ward, Edward in Washington Township, Holmes County, Ohio.

1831 DL Ward, Joel b. January to Edward Ward OH (18505 census, Joel is 11 yrs)(age 31)

1838 Ward, William b. to Edward Ward OH (18505 census age 4? hard to read on census.)
(age 38) 1840 Census4 Edward Ward - Mohican township, Wayne County, Ohio (age 40) (note: This census has only the head of household and tic marks for each category of persons: This household has a total of total persons; four females and four males.)

1846 February 24 Ashland County formed (Maybe Edward did not move but a new county was formed) OH, Ashland County formed. (age 46)

1850 Mohican, Ashland County, Ohio Census. At the 1850 Census, Ashland OH, Joel Ward was 18 and his father was Edward Ward5 Edward Ward age 50 (b. 1800) born MD ( Discrepancy: 2 census say he was born in VA) (age 50) Margaret is age 40 and was born in Pennsylvania. Value of real estate is 1,000.

1849 Child of Edward - Edward L. Ward age 1 born in Ohio (b. 1849) 18505 census Edward L. is age 1; 1860 census is age 11)(age 49)

1850 Ward, Edward Census-Mohican township OH, Ashland County (age 50)

1854 Ward, John M. is in the 1860 census and is age 6.


1858 Ward, Sarah b. to Joel Ward, Pleasant township: (1860 census) OH, Putnam County, OH (Edward age 58)

1859 Ward, Mary b. to Joel Ward, December (1860 Census) Pleasant township OH, Putnam County, OH (Edward age 59)

1860 Census6. Edward Ward: age 59: Census was taken on the 2nd day Of August, 1860 and Edward was not yet age 60. So, it is possible that Edward’s birthdate falls somewhere between August 2 and December 31 of 1800. (age 59) Birthplace is listed on this census as Va. (Virginia) Margaret is age 52 and her birthplace is Pa. Edward’s Value of Real estate ins 2500 and his personal estate is 500.

1860 Ward, Joel Census: Pleasant twp Oh, Putnam Co., OH (says Edward Ward was born in Virginia) (Edward age 60)

According to the 1870 Census7 Edward is 76 years old and that would mean he was born in 1794. The census also lists Virginia as his birthplace. The column for US citizen is checked. GW Ward is age 25 and is not listed as head of household, occupation is teamster. WJ Ward (probably son of Edward Ward: William based on age) is listed above Edward as head of household in line number 6, dwelling number 26 and family number 28. His age is listed as age 31, a calculated birthdate back from 1870 indicates a birthdate 1839 for William suggests that this is Edward’s son. William’s children are as follows: John (age 11), Margaret (age ), Edward and Hester (9/12). Census date is August 29, 1870. Interesting note: there is no female listed other than Anna (age 29) who is listed as occupation “housekeeper” She is listed as having no surname which means that we can deduce that her surname is Ward and she is probably the mother of the Ward children.
(Note: The relationships between Head of Household and household members are not listed in the 1870 census, so we have to make a best guess based on what we know and correlate it with earlier census records) On the page before 447B we find page 447B in which we find John Ward (age 45) this correlates with Edward Ward’s son John Ward born in 1826. Ancestry erroneously lists him as John Farst, which is inconsistent with the same handwritten “Ward” which Ancestry lists as “Ward” on the next page where we find William Ward, so I suggest this person is John Ward. The birth location for John Ward differs from other census records. This 1870 census lists John as born in Ohio not Virginia. We have another discrepancy which does not help promote the hypothesis that John was born in Virginia one year after Edward Ward married Margaret Miller. John Ward’s occupation is Carpenter and his wife Martha is listed as age 45 and “housekeeper”. There is one child mentioned: Rachel who is age 11. (Note in 1870 Edward should have been 70 years old not 76)

1871 Edward Ward Dies on 5 September 1878: Text of Death notice:
"On Wednesday of last week about noon, Mr. Edward Ward, of this village departed this life after an illness of only a few days, at the advanced age of 78 years. On account of friends living at a distance he was not buried until Friday afternoon. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Scoles in the Methodist Church"8.

(If Edward was 76 years old in 1870 how could he be 78 years old one year later?)

End Notes/Sources:

1. (IGI Individual record) Batch no: 7115928; Sheet: 81; Source call No: 1235278 type: film ( Internal Document number 312)

(Note: Los Angeles Public Library call number: 977.1K4Hi2; page 830; published 1881 A.A. Graham and Co., Compiled by N.N. Hill Junior; Mt. Vernon, OH ( Internal Document number 350) )

2. Living Ancestor: Phone Call: family was from Lynchburg, Virginia (?) Apparently there are still Wards there? Possibly e-mail one of them? Maybe.. 1900 census says Edward was born in MD, but one of his children was born in Virginia... Is his wife from VA or PA??

4. 1840 Census. Year: 1840; Census Place: Mohican, Wayne, Ohio; Roll 20; Page: 432; Image: 44, line 29; Family History Library Film: 0020179. 1840 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.
Original data: Sixth Census of the United States, 1840. (NARA microfilm publication M704, 580 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

5. 1850 CensusYear: 1850; Census Place: Mohican, Ashland, Ohio; Roll M432_658; Page: 75A; Image: 410. ( line number unidentifiable because of fold in scan of document) Dwelling number 185, family number: 287; 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Original data: Seventh Census of the United States, 1850; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M432, 1009 rolls); Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29; National Archives, Washington, D.C.

6. 1860 Census. Year: 1860; Census Place: Pleasant, Putnam, Ohio; Roll M653_1027; Page: 431; Image: 244; line 37, dwelling number: 570 and family number 570; Family History Library Film: 805027. 1860 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Original data: 1860 U.S. census, population schedule. NARA microfilm publication M653, 1,438 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.

7. Ancestry. Online Database. Year: 1870; Census Place: Columbus Grove, Putnam, Ohio; Roll M593_1260; Page: 447B; Image: 326; line 12. Family History Library Film: 552759.

8. Ohio Obituary Index: Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center: Putnam County District Library: Photo copy of death notice from the Putnam County Sentinel: page 3 Column 5. (Putnam County District Library, Fort Jennings Location (PO Box 218, 655 North Water Street; Fort Jennings, Ohio (419) 286-2351)

9. 1830 U S Census: Washington, Holmes, Ohio, Page: 315; NARA Roll: M19-133; Family History Film: 1830 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.Original data: Fifth Census of the United States, 1830. (NARA microfilm publication M19, 201 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Labor Day Memories Back to School

The Olive Tree Genealogy blog encouraged me with the Labor Day and Back to School Theme.

When I was a kid I remember how excited I was about getting new clothes for school. I really liked the smell of notebook paper and the pearly pink erasers. My mom bought lots of supplies because the was a teacher and I loved to look in her teaching cabinet and play with the felt board shapes. I think she may have kept one in there just for me and hid the one she actually used for class.

I liked the smell of new inky typewriter ribbon too. My grandmother allowed me to plunk away on her typewriter which she kept in her office for writing children's books and human interest newspaper columns for the Racine Journal Times. I remember how messy carbon paper was and how I always got it all over my hands. In those typewriter days, you used a typewriter to make a quick copy and you used a sheet of paper with ink on it that made an impression on the paper below and that was your copy.

Today, Even though I am a college grad, I still love composition books purchased at the back to school sales, I have one for genealogy society meetings, one for writing, one for church, one for Internet Genealogy, business books and lastly I have a mom's idea book that I keep in my car for those hard to remember inspirational moments, when the flicker of imagination is sparked or quotes I enjoy from a well written novel.

I like to scribble and draw so, another item I like to buy are the Crayola "Twistables" because of the rich colors and you don't have to sharpen them. I use these to create my "paper quilts".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Edward Ward, Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

see post at: for my post on this elusive ancestor.

My thoughts about Genealogy degrees at Public Universities

I was working on an assignment for our ProGen Study group and this issue probably won't be discussed in our group discussion chat time so I wanted to discuss it here.

It saddens me to see that genealogy courses at the college level are sometimes pushed off to instructors who are not as knowledgeable on the subject as some “hobby” genealogists. Instructor qualification would be a important criteria for program evaluation in this case. If history instructors cover genealogical courses then there may be a difference in methodologies or goals as to the outcomes of research. So, this must also be considered if courses are taken at a college. What would be ideal is for a master’s level degree program to be offered online from a public university. In a general survey of (fully)online university programs this may be a long time in coming because change comes slowly in the halls of academia. Maybe the degree programs could be offered through a less computer phobic avenue like an extended studies program.

In regard to the price tag of some of these programs: My father has a Doctorate in education and teaches in a public university and he is appalled at the price of some extended studies programs. The claim from the extended studies departments of many universities is that this division is not funded by public education like the regular college courses and so the higher costs are justified. Should students foot all of the bill if the teachers may not be qualified? It really pays to do your homework and check the teacher’s qualifications and the feasibility of pricing for degree programs for Genealogy. Your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I do not work for any university although I have conducted some personal research regarding Universities and their online programs for a course "teaching online" that I took at Grossmont College.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Santa Barbara Trip, Spanish Heritage Anyone?

Santa Barbara Presidio: You never know what you will discover when you go on vacation!

One of the Family Group Sheets at the Presidio had the surname Dye listed in the line which is pictured above. I have a Dye relative by marriage from Ohio. I do not know if they are related. Another research project!

We just returned from a trip to Santa Barbara, California. I lived there for a few years. We visited the Presidio which was reconstructed after the time I lived there. They have an ongoing archeological field school. I was delighted when my husband discovered several family group sheets in large poster frames on the wall.

Also at the Presidio:
I obtained a sheet of the Real Presidio de Santa Barbara Founding Garrison (Aril 21, 1782 (list from the Santa Barbara Company, July 1, 1782 and Escolta of Mission San Buenaventura (March 31, 1782) from the 1782 and 1783 baptismal, marriage, and burial records of Mission San Buenaventura. The information was compiled by Mary Triplett Ayers. This lists the Soldados (soldiers and other officers at the Presidio) if you have any ancestors in Santa Barbara in 1782-1783 see the article below:

I just found this article written by Mary Triplett Ayers: The Founders of Santa Barbara at and it looks like most of the list and then some are included in this article.

Other Resources:

Where was the Santa Barbara Presidio Cemetery?

Los Californianos: Includes a Query section, links for genealogical and historical societies related to California and research (includes Mexican Land Grants)

Los Angeles Under the Spanish Flag

Presidio Research Center: Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation

Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation

Jamboree Article Published in NSDCGS Newsletter

Our gracious editor published my three part blog entry in our North San Diego County Genealogical Society Newsletter for June 2010.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jamboree 2010, Part 3 Other meetings and Internet Resources

During the course of the three days of Jamboree, we took a group photo for the ProGen Study group and I attended my first Association for Professional Genealogists meeting in which I joined the Southern California Chapter. The vendors offered discounts on books, services and software as they usually do every year. This year Ancestry offered scanning on their high speed scanner but they had some problems when the power went out in our building for a few hours on Friday.

We took the train back to Oceanside and arrived at seven pm on Sunday.

Internet Resources:

Lisa Louise Cook: Genealogy Gems

Guild of one Name Studies

Jean Wilcox Hibben

Arlene Eakle

Unclaimed Persons

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Jamboree 2010 Report Part 2 Jamboree Continued: Seminars

The first seminar I attended was Katherine Hope Borges seminar “Exploring Your Surname“. Katherine covered the origin of surnames and connected that to DNA results. She is currently administering a One Name Study for Malcolm and affiliated families. I was delighted to hear this because I am a Malcolm descendant. I was actually planning on attending another seminar but wound up in the wrong room: the Jamboree schedule is laid out like a chart with the room numbers across the top and the times for the seminars running down the left side. On Friday during lunch I highlighted the seminars I was interested in attending.

The second and third seminars I attended were given by Lisa Louise Cooke who has a podcast on the internet called “Genealogy Gems” . Lisa spoke on “What You Must Know to Save Your Research From Destruction” and “Google Earth for Genealogists”. Lisa was very interactive with the audience and she had several useful tidbits for us. She validated what I learned previously: if you use a grant deed (like UC Riverside) to donate your research to an archives they become the owners of it and can charge people to access it. The archives can also dispose of it at will if specified in the grant deed. So, be careful to read the fine print. Lisa showed us how to draw up a Genealogy Materials Directive.
She has also created a tutorial DVD on using Google Earth for Genealogy.

I took another class from Lisa on Sunday which was “Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye: 7 Strategies You Need to Find Living Relatives”. Lisa mentioned that she had ancestors in Racine, Wisconsin where I spent most of my childhood. Afterwards I gave her my card and asked her to email me her Racine relatives and I would keep an eye out for them while I do my research. Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak spoke about Michelle Obama’s roots during our Saturday night banquet and Meagan spoke again on Sunday about her work with “Unclaimed Persons“. On Saturday Jean Wilcox Hibben gave a talk on “Shaking the Myth: Proving/Disproving Family Legends” . Jean addressed some components of analysis I remember from logic class and applied them to genealogy. She interwove the two. I also attended Arlene Eakle’s class on American Court Records for a refresher on courthouse research.

Jamboree 2010 summary in three parts: Part 1 Train, Registration, Food and Notes

It was a relaxing seven a.m. train trip from Oceanside to Burbank. It was nice to catch up with friends from the San Diego Genealogical Society and Chula Vista Genealogical Society. We shared our research stories and helped each other with research problems. Upon arrival at Burbank there was a hotel shuttle from the train station to the Airport Marriott for Jamboree. Several of us opted to walk across the street to the Marriott. If you choose to take the Amtrak train attend Jamboree in the future, you need to be aware that you will have to carry all your luggage on the train because Burbank does not have check in baggage service. I forgot about that this year and over packed my suitcase.

Registration for Jamboree is usually done by surname groups to expedite the registration process, I was in S-Z line. I was given a tote bag with my nametag and tickets to the meals I purchased in advance. It is wise to put your meal tickets behind your name tag for easy access. Other options in the area are the “lunch cart” (not too impressive with a soggy turkey sandwich), the cafĂ© in the hotel (this option is pricey and be prepared to wait) and a food court in walking distance (Panda Express, a Japanese restaurant, a smoothie place etc..)

I relied on a netbook for notes and a composition book in case I needed to write notes. This worked out well because by the time I reached the last two classes on Saturday I had a cramp in my calf from propping up the netbook on my lap and I resorted to the composition book for note taking.

Disclaimer: I am a Southern California Genealogical Society Member.

Friday, May 28, 2010

San Diego County Library , Vista Genealogical Reference part 2

Part 1 covered some reference books about military service, census and the Revolutionary war. In Facts About American Immigration by David M. Brownstone and Irene M. Frank (2001) I found general information on the immigration of different ethnic groups. The book covered Native Americans, Restrictions on immigration and immigration from Europe. the countries covered were Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germans, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, Poland, the former Yugoslavia, and Jewish immigration. This work also contained immigration from Asia, the Americas and Oceania. The appendix of Facts About American Immigration an appendix with tips for genealogy, NARA, the Soundex and a glossary of immigration terms. This may be a useful book for someone who is just starting to research an immigrant ancestor, it provides general background on immigration by ethnic group.

Also in the Vista reference section: R (before call number means Reference)
929.4 Our Sacred Identity: Indian Names
929.4 First Name Reverse Dictionary
929.40973 Black Names in America
Black's Surnames of Scotland
929.373 Passengers to America
929.4 British family Names

Vista's newspaper collection includes the San Diego Union Tribune on ProQuest--1983 to present from NewsBank. They have the Fallbrook Enterprise 1915 to the present and the Vista Press from 1926-1973. The Fallbroom Enterprise and the Vista Press are on Microfiche.

Genealogists will find some familiar genealogy titles in the reference section as well such as: Kemp's International Vital records (R929.3) and New England Court Records by Rapaport (R929.3)

San Diego County Library , Vista Genealogical Reference:

I have been looking at local resources. I thought I would start with the San Diego County Library in Vista, California. The following is not a library catalog but a list of genealogy resources available in this library.
Are you searching for...

Revolutionary War Ancestors?
Call No: R303.64
Three Volume Set - Revolutionary Movements in World History, Encyclopedia of the US (NARA)

Background on the Census?
Census Catalogs for 1790-1780, 1900, 1910 and 1920
call no: R304.60973

Military service and/or medals? Do you have any Civil War photos?
R355.134 American Badges and medals
R355.14 Uniforms of the Civil War by Philip Haythornwaite (1990)
R355.14 Civil war Uniforms, A Photo Guide by Philip Katcher (Photos and detailed chronologies)
R317.3 Your Guide to Federal Census by Kathleen Hinkley (2002)
R355.14 US Army Headgear by Edgar Howell
US Government Printing office's Catalog of US Army Uniforms in the Collection of the Smithsonian Institution Volume 2 (1975)
R355.140973 American Civil War Armies 4, State Troops: for each state there are photos and illustrations by Philip Katcher and Don Volstad (Men at Arms Series) (1987)

Part two will be about Facts About American Immigration which is a book by Irene M. Frank in 2001. Indian names, First name Reverse dictionary, Black names, American Family names, Immigration, Newspaper resources at the Vista Library and genealogy books.

ProGen Study Group, SDGS visit to North County

Our ProGen Study group is starting in June. I am looking forward to meeting my group on Friday at Jamboree.

A small group from SDGS will come and visit in North County tomorrow. We will take the tour of the Leo Carrillo Ranch, eat Mexican food and go to the Georgina Cole Library in Carlsbad.

I still need to get a Hawaiian shirt for Jamboree. Aloha!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Response to Randy Seavers Saturday Night Gen Fun Matrilineal Line

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Note or status line on Facebook.

My matrilineal line starting with me:
1. Gwynn Socolich (me)
2. Living Sankey (my mother)b. Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin
3. Alice Dahlberg 16 Feb 1910 - 28 Apr 2004 ( born in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois and Died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The next two persons are the subject of my biographical piece "Dutch Origins":
4. Katherine DeYoung (DeJong in Dutch)(b 16 May 1889 Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin; death 9 October 1972 Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin)
5. Susan Kramer (dutch name is Sytske) Geboorteakte Het Bildt,(Frisland, Netherlands) 1863 Aangiftedatum 9 september 1863, akte nr. 178, geboren 9 september 1863. (b. 9 September 1863 in Sint Jacobiparoche (Parish), Het Bildt, Frisland Netherlands) cause of death: typhoid fever; 1 September 1889 in Racine, Racine county and is buried in Mound Cemetery in Racine.
6. Maartje Dijkstra (listed on birth certificate of Systke Kramer)

My father's mother's line:
1. Gwynn Socolich (me)
2. Living Malcolm born in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio
3. Beatrice Wilma Ward born 12 July 1903 probably in Brandon, Knox County, Ohio died on 12 Nov 1973 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio.
4. Anabel Graham born 13 November 1872 in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio and died in 2 December 1952 in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio.
5. Rebecca Behanna born 12 January 1844 in Monogahela, Washington County, Ohio and died 30 March 1901 in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio.
6. Susan Applegate

I have not had my matrilineal DNA tested. I have birth and death certificates for my mother, Alice Dahlberg, (Wisconsin delayed birth certificate for Katherine, and Susan (aka Sytske) DeJong or DeYoung.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

North San Diego County Genealogy Society program summaries on Genealogy Wise Blog

I will put general program summaries on my Genealogy Wise blog. The purpose of this blog is to record my own research.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Short Term goals

Genealogy programs at my local genealogy society
Progen study group wait list: Study Professional Genealogy book by Elizabeth Shown Mills
small business research, business license (SBA classes or SCORE), quickbooks class
Fill in gaps in my genealogical research knowledge.
time typical genealogy research tasks
invite people to my local genealogy society meetings
library tech certificate
genealogy writing projects
blogging projects: Vista Library genealogy resources
explore local genealogy library periodical section in depth: what issues and volumes are available in my research locality
learn more about Jewish genealogy research
learn more about Native America genealogy research
learn more about African American genealogy research

No longer blogging about society meetings and deleted facebook site

I will no longer be blogging about upcoming society meetings. Deleted posts regarding the society. I will use my Blog on Genealogy Wise page to summarize meetings.

Took down FaceBook site for NSDCGS per NSDCGS.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Facebook Group Page Created for NSDCGS

I created a Group FaceBook page for NSDCGS last week. I like the calender feature its easy and fast. Happy Searching!

Per the board removed it.

Los Angeles Library Trip with SDGS

On Saturday I went on a bus trip to the Los Angeles Library (Central). I had several lines of descent I wanted to research and was eager to see what I could find. The genealogy department is in the basement of the library. They are known for their directory collection. Some of the books I found were crumbling. It was a good thing I brought my white cotton gloves! I learned to use the cotton gloves when I was doing inventory for the SDGS Lost Treasures. Those old photos can get damaged with the oil from my fingers if cotton gloves are not used. I found one place that carries the gloves, Nelson's Photos in Little Italy, downtown San Diego. I bought a dozen white gloves the last time I was there. The library books were in such frail condition the pages were coming out and I had to carefully support the book like a newborn baby's wobbly head. Due to some home maintenance today I will have to blog about the actual research findings later this week. I found more questions to my question than actual answers which is the normal progression of things when you work with your family history.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of the LAPL or Nelson's Photo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

A Celtic psaltery: being mainly renderings in English verse from Irish ...
By Alfred Perceval Graves
Publisher: The F. A. Stokes company, 1917

Otherwise called " The Deer's Cry." For St. Patrick sang this hymn when the ambuscades were laid against him by King Leary that he might go to Tara to sow the Faith. Then it seemed to those lying in ambush that he and his monks were wild deer with a fawn, even Benen (Benignus) following him.

I arise on my way,
With God's Strength for my stay,
God's Might to protect me,
God's Wisdom to direct me,
God's Eye to be my providence,
God's Ear to take my evidence,
God's Word my words to order,
God's Hand to be my warder,
God's Way to lie before me,
God's Shield and Buckler o'er me,
God's Host Unseen to save me,
From each ambush of the Devil.

Digitized 2008 by Google Books

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eddie Fish GATES

Eddie Fish GATES
Originally uploaded by Midge Frazel
Midge Frazel has some wonderful photos of the Fish Cemetery on her flickr site. This tombstone correlates with an earlier post I did on the Gates family of Groton and Mystic.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DeWitt Clinton Graham and Rebecca Behanna

I have DeWitt Clinton Graham's Civil War pension file from the National Archives. Please contact me if you are interested in this family.

Graham in Ohio on Family Serch Beta part 3

I was thrilled to find my Graham Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death certificate Scans for:

Clinton M Graham of Knox County, Clinton, Ohio death date 1943. Parents were Rebecca Behanna and Dewitt [Clinton] Graham.

Anabelle Graham Ward of Richland County, Shelby, Ohio. Died Feburary 16, 1952. Her parents were DeWitt Clinton Graham and Rebecca Behanna. Informant was Charles Dye and Funeral director too. (Charles was a mortician and Anabelle's son in law, Lucille his wife was my grandmother Bea Malcolm's sister.)

Francis Evelynn Graham (nee Graff) of Knox County, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Death date was July 24, 1926. She was DeWitt Clinton Graham's second wife. Her parents were Catherine Smith and Hesikiah Graff. Witness was Rev. Frank L. Graff.

David Graham of Franklin County, Marion Township, Ohio. He died on April 19, 1931. His parents were Clinton D. Graham [DeWitt Clinton Graham] and Rebecca Behanna.

Disclaimer: Family Search Beta: Posts 1-3 I am not affiliated with family in any way.

Ward Ohio on Family Search Beta part 2

I was thrilled to find my Ward Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death Certificate Scans for:

Herman W. Ward, Knox County, Miller Township, Ohio. Death date: June 29, 1919
parents were Joel M. Ward and Althea Rowland.

John Edward Ward, Knox County, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Died December 24, 1932. parents were Joel M. Ward and Althea Rowland.

Glays Ward. Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. February 1, 1911. Parents were William L. Ward and Anna Graham.
Family tradition said that she was standing too close to the fireplace and her nightgown caught fire and she died of her burns. The scan of the death certificate says "accidental burn".

Malcolm Ohio Death Records on Family Search Beta, part 1

I was thrilled to find my Malcolm Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death Certificate Scans for:
James Curvaso Malcolm, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. d. Sept 18, 1924
wife was Mary Anne Parmentir (b. England) and his father was William Malcolm (b. in Scotland)

Mary A. Malcolm wife of James C. Malcolm (see above). Death Date was 2 January 1948. Her father was William Clark (born in England) and her mother was Esther Philpitt (born in England. Mary died in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio.

Deleted post

Deleted Post

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Finding Your Ancestors in the Old Country" Program Reveiw for the NSDCGS

Once again Anne Miller provided a informative program with several excellent examples. She warned us to analyze documents carefully. She discussed several different immigrant ancestor record types which could be used to find an elusive ancestor. She also mentioned researching collateral lines to solve those brick walls.

She mentioned a special seminar she will be giving at Jamboree. See her website at

Also, our special events chair mentioned the upcoming Spring Seminar: Family Tree DNA and You, which will be presented on Saturday march 27 2010 at the Carlsbad Senior Center on 799 Pine Street in Carlsbad, California. The cost for this seminar is $25.00 for members and $30.00 for non members. Currently we have about eighty people that have signed up to go to this seminar. Lunch includes a turkey sandwich, salad and drink. Family Tree DNA will be presenting the Spring Seminar and topic include: Y-DNA and mtDNA Genealogy and Website Tools; Haplogroups: Deep Ancestry & Migration Patterns, Medical Testing and the Future of Personal DNA Testing and Without a Surname to Follow: What Can You Do? There will be a new type of genetic test announced, so you probably won't want to miss this seminar. Contact to register for this seminar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Peter Gates' brother Ephiam Gates b. 1783 and wife Desire Avery

Desire Avery [Avery 347] was the daughter of Christopher Avery, Desire Avery died in Leyden, Massachusetts in 1831. (Leyden is also where Peter Gates lived and where my ancestor Lephe Gates was born)Desire's which were born in Leyden were:

Anna Gates
Avery Gates
Peter Gates (nephew of my ancestor Peter Gates father of Lephe)
John Gates
Joseph Gates

Avery, Elron McKendree, 1844-1935; The Groton Avery Clan. 1912. [digital image].

Update to post 3 Gates--bold items are additions

Gurdon Gates: Marriage 1: Esther Miner Gurdon Gates and Esther Miner were double cousins as they shared Isaac Denison and Esther Williams in common as great grandparents, their mothers were sisters. Marriage 2: Esther Denison: [Research question He married his Aunt?] [Burrow 453]
Gurdon Gates Children
1. Gurdon Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
"Gurdon Gates 1879-1881 was for many years a clipper ship captain and afterward was commander of steamer "Victory" of the Mallory line, He lived at Mystic where he died in 1842." [Stark 100]
2. Henry Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
3. Joseph Gates [Denison Society]
4. Kariska Gates [Denison Society]
5. Nathan Stanton Gates in 1888 Ann Borodell Denison Gates who founded the Denison Society at Pequosepos Manor is Stonington. [Denison Society]
6. Louise Phelps Gates [Denison Society]
Isaac Gates [Barbour] was born 7 October 1852 [Gallup 228]. Isaac Gates served in the Civil war transport as captain. [Stark 317] He married Prudence P.Gallup 24 September 1851 at Mystic River. Prudence was the daughter of Abagail Spicer and James Gates[Gallup 228] Prudence was a teacher at Mystic Academy (about 1850) [Stark 368]
Isaac Gates Children:
Edmund Gates born 7 October 1852 and died 14 March 1865 [Gallup 228]
Abbie S. Gates Married Charles L. Stark [Gallup 228]. Charles Stark was the author of the "History of Groton" and "Starks Family Genealogy", He died January 23, 1930 at 101 Carver Road in Newton Highlands, MA at age 83. He was born 27 May 1848 a son of Henry Stark and Mary Rathburn to Providence, Rhode Island [Rhode Island Historical Society member] and member of Rogers Baptist church in 1924 he moved to Massachusetts. He is buried at Elm Cemetary in Mystic [Stark Obit]
Genieve S.Gates married Charles Westcott of Providence, Rhode Island [1860 Census]

Additional References
Stark, Charles Rathbone, Groton Connecticut, 1705-1905. 1922.
Stonington, Connecticut. Palmer Press. Http:// Internet Archive
Database [Digital Image]

Upcoming North San Diego County Genealogy Society Meeting on Friday Feb 9, 2010

The program meeting for February 23, 2010 at the North San Diego Genealogical Society will be presented by Anne Miller at 10:00 am. Her presentation will be "Finding Your Ancestors in the Old Country." in the Carlsbad City Council Chambers located behind the Georgina Cole Library. Anne Miller is a psychologist, professional genealogist and historian. She is currently the Education Director for the Temecula Valley Genealogical Society. Ann Miller is also involved with an orphaned photo and bible project.

During a previous meeting on November 10th, 2009. Anne Miller and David Armstrong gave an excellent presentation on using Google maps for genealogy research. They gave an excellent presentation and made something that is rather complex easy to understand. I am sure Ann will give an informative presentation at the meeting tomorrow with the same high caliber instruction she provided in her last presentation in November 2009.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gates Part 3: Peter Gates to Zebediah 9 Gates

Peter Gates6 (Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
[This is my direct line: Gwynn Socolich]
Peter, s. Zeb [ediah]5 and Sarah b. Feb. 15, 175 [ ] [Barbour 130]
Peter Gates6 15 Feb 175 [ ] [Barbour 129; Arms 65] aka Allen [Arms 110] Came to Leyden abt 1780 w/ Mary Allen of Groton, CT Lived on River Road ; Land: Gate’s Hill Lat 42.721472 – Long. 72.648147, NNW of Leyden [USGS]
Colrain Franklin County, MA. Building Valuation: Peter = 150.00 and David $180.00 [Arms]
Children of Peter:
Lephe Gates (aka Leafie, Lephe)(my direct ancestor) born in Leyden, MA marries John Riddle (later Riddell) "She was born opposite Henry Thorn’s Saw Mill." [Arms 96], "The house was torn down in 1908 and family antiques were discovered in the walls". [Arms 157] John Riddle lived on River Road. Leafie, (Lephe, Lephie) Gates +John Riddle in Leyden, MA:Children: George Riddell [note: This is my direct ancestor, Dr. John Leonard Riddell
Ephriam Gates b. 1783 carried on the family farm [Arms 196] married Desire Avery and a son of Ephriam Gates named Allen Gates had a daughter named Hannah who married James Baldwin Miner [Arms 196]
Sarah Gates 1751: Note that Sarah’s twin Zebediah7 was also born 1751
Zebadiah Gates7 born 1751 twin with Sarah. (brother to Lephe Gates born in 1751 m. Nancy Denison in Stonington 1820 [Barbour 130].

Zebadiah Gates7 (Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
Zebadiah Gates7 Children:
Zebadiah8 Gates born October 22, 1782
Zebadiah8 Gates (Zebadiah7 Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
Zebadiah8 was born at the “old homestead one mile north of Fort Hill [research question: in Groton, CT?] , where his father and grandfather had lived and died before him. [Zebediah8 was born on] October 22, 1782 where he lived until a few years ago, when he was persuaded to come to Mystic River and take up his residence with his son”[Probably Gurdon Gates of Mystic]”. [Mystic Journal 1859] Zebediah8 married. Abagail who died 3 Feb 1820. Secondly, he married Mercy Denison born 1784 [1850 Census,Groton;Denison Newsletter] Zebediah Gates [4] died on 7 April 1816 age 66. [Mystic Journal 1859] Probate notice on estate dated June 10, 1816 in the Connecticut Gazette, executors are Zebadiah Gates and Rufus Smith.[Connecticut Gazette, 1816]
Zebadiah8 Gates Children:
Zebediah9 Gates b. d. 15 July 1859

Zebediah9 Gates (Zebadiah8 Zebadiah7 Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
The New London gazette published an article on 15 March 1837 about Zebediah9 Gates and his assistance to Poquonock who was under quarentine because of small pox. He disobeyed the ordinance to help his fellow man. Later he moved to Mystic River. He married who married first Eunice Packer who was born in April 1803, married in April 1803.Eunice died 3 Feb 1820. After his first wife died Zebediah9 [5] married Mercy Denison on 7 June 1820. Mercy and Zebediah’s9 mothers were sisters. Zebediah9 died on 15 July 1859 of “quick consumption” [Mystic Journal 1859] [Research Zebediah9. Obituary in Mystic Journal 1859.

Zebediah9 was a probate Judge for New London County in 1848 and he also filled several town offices. He was “troubled for a number of years with a cancer near his eye, and was confined to the house by it for about 19 months previous to his death. ..His funeral took place last Sunday at his late residence…His remains were taken to the Mystic River Cemetery”.[Mystic Journal 1850] [Groton, New London, Connecticut]

Children: Zebediah9 Gates
Charles Gates married Jane E. Latham 1 August 1851
Gurdon Gates: Marriage 1: Esther Miner Gurdon Gates and Esther Miner were double cousins as they shared Isaac Denison and Esther Williams in common as great grandparents, their mothers were sisters. Marriage 2: Esther Denison: [Research question He married his Aunt?] [Burrow 453]
Gurdon Gates Children
1. Gurdon Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
2. Henry Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
3. Joseph Gates [Denison Society]
4. Kariska Gates [Denison Society]
5. Nathan Stanton Gates in 1888 Ann Borodell Denison Gates who founded the Denison Society at Pequosepos Manor is Stonington. [Denison Society]
6. Louise Phelps Gates [Denison Society]
Isaac Gates [Barbour] was born 7 October 1852 [Gallup 228]. He married Prudence P.Gallup 24 September 1851 at Mystic River. Prudence was the daughter of Abagail Spicer and JamesGates[Gallup 228]
Isaac Gates Children:
Edmund Gates born 7 October 1852 and died 14 March 1865 [Gallup 228]
Abbie S. Gates Married Charles L. Stark [Gallup 228]
Genieve S.Gates married Charles Westcott of Providence, Rhode Island [1860 Census]

1880-1900 Mystic Seaport in Connecticut History Online Database has a photograph (stereopotical) the title and description are as follows. “Gates homestead, Clift Street, Mystic. “A man and woman stand in front of a large house with a pitched and wing identified at the gates homestead, Clift Street, Mystic. Chimneys are visible on the main structure and on the wing to the right. A porch extends across the front of what appears to be the main structure.” part of Scholfield Collection: file name is IMG0080-3231.434 []
Warren 1765 brother of Zebadiah9[Barbour 129]?

Gates part 2 Stephen Gates1 to Zebediah Gates 5

Preliminary Analysis of Information on Gates Family excludes microforms from Georgina Cole Library: includes books, newspapers and digital images.
Copyright 2009
The Five Zebediah Gates
Revision date January 27, 2010

Stephen Gates1
Stephen Gates1 was born in Norwich Co., England , Norfolk about 1600 [Torrey NEGHR 677]. He was from Hingham, England [CO Gates 9] Immigrated 1638 Aug 10 on the DILIGENT [LC Gates 2, Torrey NEGHR 677, CO Gates 9] Stephen Gates1 m. Anne Veare 5 May 1628 [LC Gates 2] in Hingham England [Torrey, NEGHR 678, CO Gates 9]He immigrated to the Location of Lancaster , MA [Torrey, NEGHR 678]
Anne Veare’s second husband M2 Richard Woodward [ Stowe , MA ] [Torrey (need page number)]
Stephen Gates1 died on b4 Sept 1662 [Torrey, NEHGR 678, Rogers 114]
Will at loc in Middlesex Probate file, proved Oct 1662 (Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA [ Rogers 114]
Stephen Gates1 Children:
Stephen2, spelled Steffene; will of Stepten Gates [Rogers 114]
Simon Gates [Rogers 114, see also Rogers 121]
Thomas Gates [Rogers 114]
Elizabeth Gates [Rogers 114]
Court Record: Will Inventory of Stephen Gates1
Ann his wife remarries Richard Woodward of Watertown, MA [Rogers 119], Estate at Lancaster.

Stephen2 Gates (Stephen1)
b. [Norwich] Norfolk England probably 1634 [Torrey NEGHR 679] b. circa 1640 [LC Gates 3]
Loc: Cambridge [CO Gates 9] 1652
Hingham [LC Gates 3]
Lancaster, MA [CO Gates]
m. Sarah Woodward 3 Feb 1642 [LC Gates 3] resided in Stow , MA to Preston , CT [CO Gates 12] 3 Feb 1642/43 [Torrey NEGHS 679]
d. 9 July 1707 [CO Gates 10]
d. 1706 Acton , MA [CO Gates 10]
d. after Sept 1707 [Torrey NEGHR 679]
Loc: Boston , Marlborough , Stow Massachusetts [Torrey NEGHR 679]

Thomas3 Gates (Stephen2, Stephen1)
1726 Thomas3 was deeded 3 parcels of land in North Preston, New London, Connecticut [Blackman 76]
b. 31 Dec 1669 [LC Gates 5,Torrey NEGHR 679 and 683,Torrey NEGHR (adds Boston ) 679, CO Gates 12]
m. Margaret Geer in 1695 and resided in Preston [CO Gates 15]
Locations: Marlborough and Stow Massachusetts and Preston, New London, Connecticut [Torrey NEGHS 683]
d.before 1752[LC Gates]; d. . 1740 in Preston, New London, Connecticut [CO Gates 15]; 1752? [Torrey NEGHR 683]
d 10 Aug 1726 [Geer 18]
d. 6 Jan 1768 died at Preston, New London, Connecticut age 78 [Weekly Oracle]
Children: Zebediah 4 (1699), Robert Gates (1696), Prudence Gates (1703), Daniel Gates (1707), Thomas Gates (1709), Margaret Gates (1715) [CO Gates 15]

Zebadiah Gates4 (Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
b. 4 Sept 1699 in Preston, [ New London County ], Connecticut [CO Gates 25, Torrey NEGHS 683. Geer 18]
marriage 1. Jerusha Geer June 12, 1737 [CO Gates 25, Bailey; Geer 18] Jerusha Geer is daughter of Jeremiah and Esther Geer [Blackman 76]
marriage 2 Mehitable Downing June 13, 1737 [CO Gates 25, Blackman 76]
Jerusha (b. 14 May 1747) m. Thomas Kiegwin [Blackman 76] Jerusha and Thomas had one child. Andrew born 29 March 1727 married Olive Starkweather.
Zebadiah Gates5
On 24 May 1739 Zebadiah Gates4 buys Stone Hill from Hezekiah Lord [Blackman 76]
Zebadiah Gates4 dies in on Feb 12 [Blackman 76], 1759 in Preston, New London County, Connecticut [CO Gates 25]

Zebadiah Gates5 (Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
b. 1720 [Cook, Mystic Journal 1859]
note: not listed as child of Zebediah4 Gates and neither is Peter in CO Gates 25] although they are listed in Barbour Collection index.
m. Sarah Woodmansay Nov. 9, 1742 [Barbour Collection 130; Mystic Journal 1859]: spelling variations on surname: Woodmansy, Woodmansee. Sarah’s death was 16 Jan 1798 age 77. [Mystic Journal 1859] (My Direct Line)
[note that the farm that belonged to “Judge Zebadiah Gates” of Groton was sold to Denison Woodmancy whose son was Edward Woodmancy who was age 15 on 29 Oct 1859. An article appears about them in “An American Eagle” in which Edward captures an young bald eagle in Groton and tames it to eat out of his hand. [Mystic Journal 1859]
Easter 15 Nov 175[ ] [Barbour 129]
Elisha 28 Feb 1768 [Barbour 129]
John 13 Dec 174[ ]) [Barbour 130] Advertisement in 1777 for general store goods by John Gates in Groton.[Connecticut Gazette 1777 and 1783.]
Mary 1 Sept 174[ ] [Barbour 130]
Mary 1759 [1 Sept 1759]
Abigail Gates b. 5 Feb 1762 [Barbour 130] possibly Abby Gates [Connecticut Courant Matrimony notice dated 25 Sept 1826] who married Sylvester Clark [Burgess 75] and possibly later John Edgecomb at Stonington [Connecticut Courant Matrimony notice dated 25 Sept 1826]
Anna Gates b. 2 May 1757 [Barbour 130] married Squire Phillips
David Gates b. 4 Feb 1749 [Barbour 130] “ran away from the Subscriber in August last an apprentice boy named DAVID GATES, between 20 and21 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches high, and will made, has red hair, and a black spot on the back part of his Head and a sear on one of his insteps, occasioned by a cut with an ax. Who ever will return said apprentice to his Master in Groton shall receive One Dollar reward. Joseph Lewis, Groton April 6, 1769” [Connecticut Gazette 1769]
Peter Gates6. Peter, s. Zeb [ediah] and Sarah b. Feb. 15, 175 [ ] [Barbour 130]
Zebediah5 Gates died 14 July 1783. He was age 63. [Cook; Mystic Journal]

Gates Bibliography Gates part 1

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Monday, January 25, 2010

My other Interests..Randy Seavers' Challenge for Saturday... Its Monday now

My other interests other than Genealogy related activities:

Homework mom for a fifth grader
Crafts, needlework, card making, drawing and digital scrapbooking
Gospel/Christian music
Inductive Bible Study, now studying Malachi.
Biblical and American Archaeology
Linguistics: I like Native American Indian languages.
Baking sweets and feeding them to my husband and son.
Reading: I enjoy Amish fiction and Historical romance books by Christian authors.
Line Dancing
Snoopy and Peanuts