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Friday, December 31, 2010

Genealogy Achievements for 2010

1. Joined ProGen Study group in August. It is a nineteen month commitment.
2. Published "Ballaymeath?" on my website after a year of research
3. Got to know fellow genealogy enthusiasts at the North San Diego County Genealogical Society and volunteered at an event to greet and hand out programs. Part of the genealogy "Lunch Bunch".
4. Wrote an article for the North San Diego Genealogical Society Newsletter, Paths to the Past on the SCGS Jamboree Experience (Vol XL, Number 9, Sept. 2010) and Santa Barbara Trip, Spanish Heritage Anyone? (Vol XL, Number 8, August 2010,page 8)
5. Brick wall buster. Thanks to the Obituary Index at the Rutherford B. Hayes Library in Ohio I found a lead on my elusive ancestor Edward Ward.

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