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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Gatherings

Our family is three members short after the past two years. My son's step-grandpa passed away, my step dad and my uncle. We plan to carry on the tradition of humor that these three people brought to the family gatherings. The step grandpa always sang a Danish song, my uncle played the banjo or guitar and my step dad had funny jokes. This year we are going to find old pictures (like the Dead Horse Investigation photo in Colleen Fitzpatrick's book) and put captions on it. We did this for stress relief when my step dad was in the hospital last year before he was a crack up. We thought it would make a great Christmas Game for this year. How on earth do you judge something like that for prizes? A laugh-o-meter or who makes you laugh until you cry? My favorite photo is one of my ancestor "Ada Wescott" (nee. Coon) wearing a "bird" hat. Their caption was "How do you like us?". These hats were not just feathers but an actual stuffed bird. That is about as appealing to me as a real fox stole that women used to wear. EWWWW! I will look around at the Dead Fred website and see what else I can find.

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