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Thursday, March 25, 2010

North San Diego County Genealogy Society program summaries on Genealogy Wise Blog

I will put general program summaries on my Genealogy Wise blog. The purpose of this blog is to record my own research.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Short Term goals

Genealogy programs at my local genealogy society
Progen study group wait list: Study Professional Genealogy book by Elizabeth Shown Mills
small business research, business license (SBA classes or SCORE), quickbooks class
Fill in gaps in my genealogical research knowledge.
time typical genealogy research tasks
invite people to my local genealogy society meetings
library tech certificate
genealogy writing projects
blogging projects: Vista Library genealogy resources
explore local genealogy library periodical section in depth: what issues and volumes are available in my research locality
learn more about Jewish genealogy research
learn more about Native America genealogy research
learn more about African American genealogy research

No longer blogging about society meetings and deleted facebook site

I will no longer be blogging about upcoming society meetings. Deleted posts regarding the society. I will use my Blog on Genealogy Wise page to summarize meetings.

Took down FaceBook site for NSDCGS per NSDCGS.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Facebook Group Page Created for NSDCGS

I created a Group FaceBook page for NSDCGS last week. I like the calender feature its easy and fast. Happy Searching!

Per the board removed it.

Los Angeles Library Trip with SDGS

On Saturday I went on a bus trip to the Los Angeles Library (Central). I had several lines of descent I wanted to research and was eager to see what I could find. The genealogy department is in the basement of the library. They are known for their directory collection. Some of the books I found were crumbling. It was a good thing I brought my white cotton gloves! I learned to use the cotton gloves when I was doing inventory for the SDGS Lost Treasures. Those old photos can get damaged with the oil from my fingers if cotton gloves are not used. I found one place that carries the gloves, Nelson's Photos in Little Italy, downtown San Diego. I bought a dozen white gloves the last time I was there. The library books were in such frail condition the pages were coming out and I had to carefully support the book like a newborn baby's wobbly head. Due to some home maintenance today I will have to blog about the actual research findings later this week. I found more questions to my question than actual answers which is the normal progression of things when you work with your family history.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of the LAPL or Nelson's Photo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

A Celtic psaltery: being mainly renderings in English verse from Irish ...
By Alfred Perceval Graves
Publisher: The F. A. Stokes company, 1917

Otherwise called " The Deer's Cry." For St. Patrick sang this hymn when the ambuscades were laid against him by King Leary that he might go to Tara to sow the Faith. Then it seemed to those lying in ambush that he and his monks were wild deer with a fawn, even Benen (Benignus) following him.

I arise on my way,
With God's Strength for my stay,
God's Might to protect me,
God's Wisdom to direct me,
God's Eye to be my providence,
God's Ear to take my evidence,
God's Word my words to order,
God's Hand to be my warder,
God's Way to lie before me,
God's Shield and Buckler o'er me,
God's Host Unseen to save me,
From each ambush of the Devil.

Digitized 2008 by Google Books

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eddie Fish GATES

Eddie Fish GATES
Originally uploaded by Midge Frazel
Midge Frazel has some wonderful photos of the Fish Cemetery on her flickr site. This tombstone correlates with an earlier post I did on the Gates family of Groton and Mystic.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DeWitt Clinton Graham and Rebecca Behanna

I have DeWitt Clinton Graham's Civil War pension file from the National Archives. Please contact me if you are interested in this family.

Graham in Ohio on Family Serch Beta part 3

I was thrilled to find my Graham Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death certificate Scans for:

Clinton M Graham of Knox County, Clinton, Ohio death date 1943. Parents were Rebecca Behanna and Dewitt [Clinton] Graham.

Anabelle Graham Ward of Richland County, Shelby, Ohio. Died Feburary 16, 1952. Her parents were DeWitt Clinton Graham and Rebecca Behanna. Informant was Charles Dye and Funeral director too. (Charles was a mortician and Anabelle's son in law, Lucille his wife was my grandmother Bea Malcolm's sister.)

Francis Evelynn Graham (nee Graff) of Knox County, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Death date was July 24, 1926. She was DeWitt Clinton Graham's second wife. Her parents were Catherine Smith and Hesikiah Graff. Witness was Rev. Frank L. Graff.

David Graham of Franklin County, Marion Township, Ohio. He died on April 19, 1931. His parents were Clinton D. Graham [DeWitt Clinton Graham] and Rebecca Behanna.

Disclaimer: Family Search Beta: Posts 1-3 I am not affiliated with family in any way.

Ward Ohio on Family Search Beta part 2

I was thrilled to find my Ward Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death Certificate Scans for:

Herman W. Ward, Knox County, Miller Township, Ohio. Death date: June 29, 1919
parents were Joel M. Ward and Althea Rowland.

John Edward Ward, Knox County, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Died December 24, 1932. parents were Joel M. Ward and Althea Rowland.

Glays Ward. Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. February 1, 1911. Parents were William L. Ward and Anna Graham.
Family tradition said that she was standing too close to the fireplace and her nightgown caught fire and she died of her burns. The scan of the death certificate says "accidental burn".

Malcolm Ohio Death Records on Family Search Beta, part 1

I was thrilled to find my Malcolm Ohio ancestors on
I was able to locate the following:
Death Certificate Scans for:
James Curvaso Malcolm, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. d. Sept 18, 1924
wife was Mary Anne Parmentir (b. England) and his father was William Malcolm (b. in Scotland)

Mary A. Malcolm wife of James C. Malcolm (see above). Death Date was 2 January 1948. Her father was William Clark (born in England) and her mother was Esther Philpitt (born in England. Mary died in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio.

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