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Friday, December 31, 2010

Genealogy Achievements for 2010

1. Joined ProGen Study group in August. It is a nineteen month commitment.
2. Published "Ballaymeath?" on my website after a year of research
3. Got to know fellow genealogy enthusiasts at the North San Diego County Genealogical Society and volunteered at an event to greet and hand out programs. Part of the genealogy "Lunch Bunch".
4. Wrote an article for the North San Diego Genealogical Society Newsletter, Paths to the Past on the SCGS Jamboree Experience (Vol XL, Number 9, Sept. 2010) and Santa Barbara Trip, Spanish Heritage Anyone? (Vol XL, Number 8, August 2010,page 8)
5. Brick wall buster. Thanks to the Obituary Index at the Rutherford B. Hayes Library in Ohio I found a lead on my elusive ancestor Edward Ward.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ProGen Assignment Gwynn's Favorite Blogs

Here is a list of my favorite blogs:

1. by Randy Seavers
Randy Seavers is a friend of mine that I met at the San Diego Genealogical Society Randy writes the summaries of the SDGS meetings for the newsletter.
He is the past president of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society in California and current newsletter editor for CVGS. We share a common “Stephen Gates” ancestor. Randy has participated in the “Blogging” panel for SCGS Jamboree for the past two years. He encouraged me to start blogging two years ago.

1056. Stephen Gates, born About 1634 in Norfolk, ENGLAND; died 09 July 1707 in Stow, Middlesex County, MA. He married About 1664 in probably Watertown, Middlesex County, MA.
1057. Sarah Woodward, born 03 February 1642/43 in Watertown, Middlesex County, MA; died 21 October 1706 in Stow, Middlesex County, MA. She was the daughter of 2114. George Woodward and 2115. Mary Gibson.(1)

1. Seavers, Randy. Geneamusings post: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Surname Saturday – GATES. blog. email, copyright 2006-2010.

Phyllis Matthews Ziller
Family History Writing
Sample post topics: Photos, “Why I Write”, Newspaper Research, Obits, Family stories, Revisit previous writing, Inferences, Record Types

Diane Haddad: Family Tree Magazine
Genealogy News, basic tips.

Gena Philbert Ortega
Gena’s Genealogy
VP for Southern California APG, Genealogy Speaker: Spoke to the NSDCGS on Social Networking for Genealogy. GenealogyWise. Topic: Ideas and Resources for Genealogy

Our own… Chris Staats blog: I appreciate his sense of humor and sharing Ohio resources.

Diana Dretske: collections coordinator for the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda, Illinois. Subject:
Lake County and Chicago research, photos, history and cemeteries.

Edward Ward Research Plan

Detailed Analysis

1. (Test) Focus
a. Who is the principal person in the problem? Edward Ward
b. What identifiers distinguish this person from all other human beings?
name: Edward Ward
• birth facts: born 1800 in Maryland or Virginia: discrepancy. see timeline. Note: family legend states that the family was from Lynchburg, Virginia.
• marriage facts: 1825 Edward ward Married Margaret Miller in Allegheny County, Maryand.
• death facts Edward Ward dies on 5 Sept 1878: Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio.
• residences and dates:
1826 was first child John Ward born in Virginia?
1830 Census: Mohican Township, Wayne County, Ohio
1846-1850 Ashland County formed and Mohican Township became part of Ashland County.
1858-1878 Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

• children: for details see timeline
1826 John Ward is born (In Virginia?)
1831 Joel Ward is born (1850, 1900 Census)
1838 William Ward is born (1850 Census)
1849 Edward L. Ward is born (1850 Census)

• parentage: unknown. This is part of what needs to be found as well as birthplace of Edward Ward.
c. What major life event is the focus? Birthplace and parentage of Edward Ward.
• Where did the event take place, or the circumstance arise or the relationship originate? Virginia (family legend), Maryland (marriage record) or Pennsylvania (where Margaret Miller, Edward’s Wife was born.
• When did it occur (specific or estimated date or duration)? 1800
• Who else should been have been involved? possible siblings

2. (Test) Evidence
a. How reliable is the source or sources from which the data come? (see chapter 17):
• Family Legend: may have kernel of truth in that the Ward family may have come from Lynchburg, Virginia. I would be more inclined to state that they originated near Allegheny County, Maryland.
• 1890 Veteran’s Schedule (scan of original from Ancestry although prone to error like the census)
• Registry of Enlistments (scan of original from Ancestry)- Reliable made at the time of enlistment
• Census 1830,1840,1850,1860,1870: somewhat reliable: digital scan of census from Ancestry (twice I errors in Ancestry’s transcription)
• Marriage Index: Ancestry transcription: not very reliable would need to see original
b. analysis:
Time Line Analysis: see attached
Mathematical Analysis: calculated the ancestor’s age at various events included in timeline.

3. (Test) Methodology:
Land-records Study: Land Office survey for land study:

Ohio Land Office Date County Result Other land owners with Ward Surname
Zanesville 1820 Holmes Edward residence in 1830 Cornelius Ward 1835
Cincinnati 1840 Wayne Edward residence in 1840 Obed Ward 1831
Cincinnati 1846-1850 Ashland Edward residence in 1846-1850
Lima 1837 Putnam Edward residence in 1858-1878 Daniel Ward 1837 (possible DNA Match on Family Tree DNA: Haplo is i1 dates are b. 1825 and d. 1887)
James Ward 1838
William Ward 1838
Knox 1817 Rufus Ward

Whole-Family (or Neighborhood) Study: use census.

Supporting Documentation:
1. ancestor/ descendant charts: provided with chart hand drawn by relatives.
2. detailed lists of associates, collateral kin, in-laws, and neighbors: have some collateral kin, look for living collateral descendants.
3. plats assembled into neighborhoods
4. maps annotated to show migration routes: migration route: National Road: check Wheeling, West Virginia?

Research Methodology: Initial assessment:

• Genealogy Chart supplied by relatives.
• Searched Ancestry for Census, looked two pages ahead and two pages behind.
• Found Edward in the 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1860 census and the following census for Edward’s son Joel Ward: 1880 census, Veteran’s Schedule for 1890 and 1900 census.
• Went to the Los Angeles Public Library
• Found Edward Ward listed in a Registry of Enlistments for 1830 which states birthplace as Baltimore, Maryland. Searched Ward families in Lynchburg, Virginia and Allegheny County, Maryland, found no Edward or birthdate of 1800 among these. Research for land record chart: Scanned deeds from Ancestry.

DNA: Ward

Searched Family Tree DNA for Wards that may have been in Ohio/Virginia during the time periods on the timeline and match with in two differences the genetic markers of other Wards, so I can determine where to look next. ( this methodology was suggested by a friend at a local genealogy society who has Ward ancestors, although it is unknown if they are related to me.)
Get the son of the Ward Cousin to test for DNA.

Probably share a common ancestor 4 generations back: match: vary by 2
Haplogroup G Middle East or South West Asia; Subgroup 17: Nathan Ward m. Ann William Grayson County Virginia in 1809; Columbus Frank Ward b. 1877-1963 North Carolina to West Virginia.
Haplogroup G2a2: ( Sub group 17)British Isles: Turkish: William Ward : Virginia B. 1820 died 1900. James Lemuel Ward born in Virginia. Died in 1808 in Floyd, Johnson, KY.

Haplogroup H: South Asia: Romani people. Gypsies: John Ward Jr. (HVRI 16519C)

Haplo Group i1 (Scandinavia) Daniel Ward (see land record chart) Adams, County, Ohio ; Jonathan Ward of Virginia 1780 (Subgroup I); Shadrack Ward (subgroup II) 1760-1770 VA or (NC or SC) Jonathan and Shadrack Ward are probably not related, they have more than 3 different markers.

Haplogroup N1: (Russian Turks) Joseph Ward: Moorefield, Hardy County, VA b. 1747

Haplogroup R1b1: Albert Ward 1832 of Virginia (Sub group 15) too many differences: more than three- not related to William Ward in R1b1b.

Haplo group R1b1b (Spain, Portugal, Western France and Ireland) Josiah Josas Ward (subgroup 12): Thomas Ward (Ohio) R1b1b2 (close match); William Ward (subgroup 5) vary by 1 probably related to Josiah and Thomas.
R1b1b2a1b5b Charles Ward of Donegal, Ireland

Haplogroup R1b1b2 (Bashkirs of the Bashkortostan and Perm region: Russian Turks) Danforth Ward (Subgroup 6) Huron, Ohio 1825 ; Thomas Ward (subgroup 14A) VA, James River 1761 and Isaac Ward oh Ohio Hamilton County (1880 d.) (vary by 1 or 2) share common ancestor; Handsworth Yorkshire to West Virginia sub group 14b: Jonathan Ward b. 1875; EXACT MATCH with share common ancestor 4 generations back with (R1b1b2a1b4c) George Ward from handsworth, Shieffield, York, England (Sub group 14b) born 1747.

Research Plan:

1. Research “Wards” in Columbus Grove, Putnam County
2. Neighborhood search
3. Need to search Edward Ward’s children for living descendants who may have more information about Edward’s birthplace and parentage: searched for Joel Ward: direct ancestor. (possibly message boards, although sometimes this can take any where from one month to a year to get a reply)
4. Need to search Baltimore, Maryland for Edward Ward born 1800 and his parents.
5. Send Research requests to Putnam County Library. Go to see list for Local History and Genealogy Collection: cost is $1.00 per obituaries, probate record or church records. Information from books is 25 cents per page with a minimum charge of $1.00. (Obtained Edward’s death notice through this service.
6. County History search for backgrounds on counties: Georgina Cole Carlsbad Library (see library list), Google Books, Heritage Quest. Search GC Library for Putnam County, Ohio. Any Periodicals that cover this area?
7. Search Western Maryland Historical Society Library: Do they have Interlibrary Loan or research request service?
8. Order Joel Ward’s pension file for Civil War may have birth location information and list of Father’s birthplace?
9. Did any of his siblings fight in the Civil War, investigate this further.
10. Genealogy Bank and News Archive for locality newspapers
11. Order marriage record from Allegheny, Maryland County Courthouse.
12. Search NARA M829: U.S. Military District land-entry case files.

Research Repository: Georgina Cole Library, Carlsbad, California: Look to see if any of these are on Google Books or Family Search first:

1830-1846 Mohican Township, Wayne County, Ohio

Call Number: 977.161S2 IND (Book)
Index to Land Records, Wayne County Ohio.

Call Number 977.161 (Book)
Smith, Richard G. Early Land records of Wayne County, Ohio

Call Number 977.161 R4 SMI (Book)
Wayne County tax list. 1826

Call number 977.161.H2 CAL (book)
Caldwell, J.A. Caldwell’s Atlas of Wayne County.

Call Number: 977.161 H2 DOU (book)
Douglas, Benjamin. History of Wayne County Ohio from the Days of the Pioneer and First Settlers to the present Time.

LH 9734 Microfiche
Commemorative Biographical Record of Wayne County, Ohio: Biographical sketches of prominent men and representative citizens and early citizens.

GC Library
1846-1850 Ashland County formed and Mohican Township became part of Ashland County.

Call no: 977.129 NEE (book)
Neel, Thomas Stephen. Ashland County, Ohio, Church Records (paperback book). Ashland, OGS. 2000.

Call no: 977.129 (book)
Knapp, Horace. S. A History of the Pioneer and Modern Times of Ashland County from the Earliest to the Present date. 1863. (found nothing on Edward Ward)

Call no: 977.128 B2 PAS (Periodical)
Pastfinder: (covers Ashland County and Wayne County, OH)

Call no: 977.129 BAU (Book)
Baughman, Abraham J. History of Ashland County. 1909 JS Clark Publishing
(found nothing on Edward Ward)

Call no: LH 7182. Microfilm
Duff, William Alexander. History of North Central Ohio: Ashland and Knox County.

Call No: LH 7259 Genealogy (Microfiche):
GAR/SAR. Military History of Ohio: Indian Wars, War of 1812, Mexican War- War of the Rebellion.

GC Library
1858-1878 Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio

977.18 B22 Put B.5 (book)
Putnam County, Ohio Cemetaries
(note too recent)

LH15780 (Microfilm)
Putnam County, Ohio Marriages, 1834-1877

977.118 POR
A portrait and biographical record of Putnam County, Ohio.
(note: nothing on Edward Ward found)

977.118 H2 CEN
Centennial Celebration, Putnam County, Ohio, USA: 1934
(note: nothing on Edward Ward found)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Gatherings

Our family is three members short after the past two years. My son's step-grandpa passed away, my step dad and my uncle. We plan to carry on the tradition of humor that these three people brought to the family gatherings. The step grandpa always sang a Danish song, my uncle played the banjo or guitar and my step dad had funny jokes. This year we are going to find old pictures (like the Dead Horse Investigation photo in Colleen Fitzpatrick's book) and put captions on it. We did this for stress relief when my step dad was in the hospital last year before he was a crack up. We thought it would make a great Christmas Game for this year. How on earth do you judge something like that for prizes? A laugh-o-meter or who makes you laugh until you cry? My favorite photo is one of my ancestor "Ada Wescott" (nee. Coon) wearing a "bird" hat. Their caption was "How do you like us?". These hats were not just feathers but an actual stuffed bird. That is about as appealing to me as a real fox stole that women used to wear. EWWWW! I will look around at the Dead Fred website and see what else I can find.