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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Placement for Lost Treasures, new adventures ahead

I am shipping the Emma Weaver documents to the Champaign County Ohio Museum Archives in Ohio. This is my last assignment for Lost Treasures. I am no longer Chair of this committee.

Our family will be relocating to a different area and I will join the Genealogy Society there in the fall. Hopefully I can volunteer at their library and help people with their research.

I really enjoyed working with the people at the San Diego Genealogical Society. Our head librarian at the Genealogical Society Library is very knowledgeable and she was patient with me when I needed to discuss committee and library issues with her. Our President always had workable solutions to sticky issues that came up and she is a skilled negotiator and organizer.

Lost Treasures Committee is fortunate to have a skilled researcher on their team. She is adept at finding living descendants for placement of our items and helping our volunteers with research and organization. One of our other researchers came from the British Isles Research group and she is lending us her wisdom and expertise which is an asset to the committee. Another committee member is excited over her first descendant placement of a family Bible. She expanded the foundational work of a previous committee member and was successful in her research outcome. Our project volunteers are gracious to step up to the plate and help with the placement of documents. I appreciated the opportunity to work with the Lost Treasures Committee and the SDGS Library.

This blog will no longer be for Lost Treasures... It may take me a few months to get sorted and packed but I will post my personal research efforts when possible in the midst of packing boxes.

I will be working on my own personal placement of a Darling Bible and Photos. Darling is the surname of the items which I will obtain from a fellow SDGS member. I hope to be able to come and attend some of the general SDGS meetings, I really like the variety of speakers we have at the society.

Randy Seaver gave me an idea in regard to how I can maintain the skills I have obtained with my own genealogical research and Lost Treasures to help with Unclaimed Persons cases. In the Fall I plan to join him and many other genealogical sleuths in their research for Unclaimed Persons:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Lost Treasures Placements for May

I am in the process of placing will copies from Rachel Wegeforth with the San Diego Zoo archives. Rachel's husband Harry Wegeforth started the San Diego Zoo. I will be meeting with the Zoo Archivist to personally deliver these will copies. The Junior League of San Diego is housed in the original Wegeforth house.

I am also in the process of placing Helen McKinnon documents with the University of California at Berkeley Archives. Helen was a librarian at the university for several years.

I am working on Henry and Emma Weaver documents which include deeds with Urbana, Ohio museum in Champaign County.

The San Diego State University Special Collections was not interested in our George Sands literary notebook. There was no definitive author of the notebook and no established provenance. We will be putting this item up on the San Diego Genealogical Society's eBay website.

Also, another candidate for the eBay site are two photos one each of Fanny Friend and her husband Edward Friend who were shop owners in Riverside, California. I contacted the genealogy society in Riverside for assistance but they received no response. Apparently, a member recognized the surname but knew of no descendants. Along this line I pursued the search for a living descendant of a sister of Fanny Friend: Saloma Paisley which resulted in no living descendants.

I am hoping that the Sacramento Military Museum Library in Sacramento will take the Frank Wood, Spanish American War military documents for their collection.

The search continues!