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Monday, June 30, 2008

Post SCGS Jamboree

I just returned from the SCGS Jamboree. I was delighted to see Bill Dollarhide because I heard he had been in the hospital right before Jamboree. Sixteen members from our genealogical society went up on the train to Burbank and stayed at the Burbank Marriott for the weekend. We attended several classes. I went to a blogging class and summit, cemetery research, church records, finding living relatives, Ohio wills, Intro to Footnote and Intro to Ancestry. My brain is full! I installed Legacy 7.0 today. The new version has a mapping feature and SourceWriter that I have to master as soon as I get the book that I bought with it. (They ran out at Jamboree)
I picked up some of Dollarhide's books I hope to use some of the archive sources to help my fellow Lost Treasure Committee members at the SDGS. I have plenty to read and ponder!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Genealogical Organization, My Own Research

I have been working on filing new documents. I have a numbering system I use to track the documents. I used to make a table of contents for each surname and record type and then put it on Legacy but now I put it on Legacy first so that I can keep track of where I left off in my research. I use the Chicago Manual of style format with footnotes that list my sources.

Lately, I have found a nice clean time line to be invaluable for tracking my family. I have one for each surname instead of one for each individual so I can track them as a group. I track collateral lines because people often traveled as family groups pre 1900.

Ah....The elusive Ward family: I have found five different Ward families in Lynchburg, VA; none of which I found was Edward Ward b. 1800. Family stories seem to point to Lynchburg. Edward possibly married Margaret Miller in Allegheny County, MD abt. 1825. I amassed a lot of information on the Ward family there and would be willing to share it with anyone who is interested. I did find an Edward Ward in Wheeling, WV (along the National Road into OH from MD) but this Edward's birth date did not match. The census shows Edward in Putnum County, OH in 1830 and later in Ashland County, OH with son Joel.


Lost Treasures SDGS

Today I received a reply for the Banta/Simmons photos I have been researching for the society. The person who replied was a direct descendant. I am thrilled! I still have "loose" photos to inventory for the Lost Treasures department.

I am waiting for an appraisal for some other photos that the society may or may not keep.

I am looking forward to going to the So Cal Genealogical Society's Jamboree in Burbank at the end of next week. Last year I learned some really good techniques for researching old photos that I applied to my work for the Lost Treasures Committee.

I am also trying to work on a Lost Treasures portion of the SDGS website using Net Objects Fusion.

Friday, June 6, 2008

San Diego Genealogical Society Lost Treasures

I am working of several different projects for the Lost Treasures Committee. I am trying to assemble Family Bible scans and pdf files into a "Lost Treasures" website. The photograph inventory is about half way done and I am working on the following families and looking for the next of kin or archive in the nearest locality to the families.

Banta/Simmons of Ohio>Iowa>Bakersfield, CA
Purl Wyatt family of Riverside, CA and San Diego, CA

At the Society we have three file cabinets full of "Raw Notes" notes from member's family research that they have donated. There is apparently a "Banta" file there. One of the committee members thought that there may be a relationship between the Banta/Simmons family and the Wyatt family. I have not yet found any evidence of that.

Due to a new discoveries of original and copies of vital records in the Raw Notes (we are compiling information for a future online database) it looks like the Lost Treasures Committee will be busier than we originally thought!