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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coon, Congdon, Dow families of Palmyra WI

I am following up on previous research on the Coon, Congdon and Dow families. My grandfather had written Myra Congdon, daughter of Susan (nee Coon) Congdon. It took a second look to realize the letter said "my mother frequently spoke about her grandfather Coon". Gary Corrigan gave me the clue that this was Susan (nee Coon) Congdon which I verified with the census. I am working on other collateral lines to this family. I keep coming up with the surname "Potter". Potters in Palymyra, Wisconsin who are you? Never be afraid to go back and look for something you missed on the first reading. Apparently the Congdons were from Whitewater and I need to investigate more photos from the cabinet card album that say the photographer is from Whitewater. These may be photos of Congdons.

County Formation Maps of PA and Graham Family

Thanks to a tip from Randy Seaver's (Genea-Musings blog) where he recommended the county formation maps on: I was able to track two ancestor localities. One was the Graham family of Monongahela, Washington County, Pennsylvania during the years 1776, 1779 and 1781. In 1776 part of what was then Yohogania (Virginia) is now Washington County. The Grahams I am seeking were in Washington County (possibly near Cross Creek) in Monongahela, PA. DeWitt Clinton Graham, whose father and two sisters died of consumption, lived in Monongahela and California in Washington County, PA before the Civil War. I am in the process of scanning DeWitts NARA Pension file which is quite large. DeWitt's mother remarried a man named Samuel Lewis who was a ship's carpenter. DeWitt (aka Clinton Graham) or just Clint in the pension file filed for disability due to consumption he contracted while on guard on Cheat Mountain in Virgina during the civil war.

The second ancestor locality that I found was the Edward Ward (born about 1800) and supposedly migrated from Allegheny County, Maryland with new wife Margaret Miller. He migrated to an area of Wayne County, Ohio which later became integrated into Ashland County, Ohio in 1846.

Another resource I frequently use is "The Census Map Book", by William Dollarhide.

Socolich Surname and Locality in Croatia

My father in law found this post from Joe Staugaitis from 10 Mar 2000 on Croatia-L Archives:
"The Sokolich surname (also Soccolich, Socolich, Soccoli, Rocchi and Falchi) is prominent on otoci Losinj and Cres, and is on the larger families in Nerezine, dating back to its founding in the mid-1500s. Sokolich is also seen in Mali and Veli Losinj, Cunski and Osor as well as Venezia, Milano, Genova, California, and NY. There is a painting of Mary which was in the old church of Sb. Marija Magdalena in nerezine, which family legend says was protected by the original Sokolich to arrive on Losinj, as they fled from the Ottomans in Bosnia centures ago."

This is a very interesting clue, I will see what I can find out about the church and blog about it at a later time.

Found on Family Search Labs!

I found scans of marriage licenses for five Chicago relatives:
in Family search Labs collection: Illinois, Cook County Marriages 1871-1920

Edith M. Dahlberg and David P. Hanson married 6 May 1915

Charles Stonequist (age 55) and Bertha E. Blume (age 22) married 7 October 1918
Children of Charles above:
Arthur J. Stonequist and Minnie Hall married 12 May 1908
Titus Stonequist and Flora W. Petry married 31 March 1920
Fredrick C. Stonequist married Esther Salling on 14 May 1913