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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Socolich Surname and Locality in Croatia

My father in law found this post from Joe Staugaitis from 10 Mar 2000 on Croatia-L Archives:
"The Sokolich surname (also Soccolich, Socolich, Soccoli, Rocchi and Falchi) is prominent on otoci Losinj and Cres, and is on the larger families in Nerezine, dating back to its founding in the mid-1500s. Sokolich is also seen in Mali and Veli Losinj, Cunski and Osor as well as Venezia, Milano, Genova, California, and NY. There is a painting of Mary which was in the old church of Sb. Marija Magdalena in nerezine, which family legend says was protected by the original Sokolich to arrive on Losinj, as they fled from the Ottomans in Bosnia centures ago."

This is a very interesting clue, I will see what I can find out about the church and blog about it at a later time.


Mark S said...

Hello...My name is Mark Sokolich and I found this information to be incredibly interesting....My father name is Dusan' Sokolich and was born and raised in Nerezine...Would very much enjoy chatting with someone on more surname information, Nerezine, etc....Please reach out and I look forward to getting ore information on the "Sokolich" surname..Thnak you

gsgenealogy said...

I have printed the post in regard to Socolich. It has been removed from the link where it was accessed as of 2015.