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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coon, Congdon, Dow families of Palmyra WI

I am following up on previous research on the Coon, Congdon and Dow families. My grandfather had written Myra Congdon, daughter of Susan (nee Coon) Congdon. It took a second look to realize the letter said "my mother frequently spoke about her grandfather Coon". Gary Corrigan gave me the clue that this was Susan (nee Coon) Congdon which I verified with the census. I am working on other collateral lines to this family. I keep coming up with the surname "Potter". Potters in Palymyra, Wisconsin who are you? Never be afraid to go back and look for something you missed on the first reading. Apparently the Congdons were from Whitewater and I need to investigate more photos from the cabinet card album that say the photographer is from Whitewater. These may be photos of Congdons.

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Chris said...

I am a congdon living in the palmyra area. I may be able to help fill in alot of your missing links. please email me at if you are interested = )