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Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicago Street name changes 1909 to 1911

Pondering a pre 1909 locality in the Windy City? This may help:
go to and you can search for Chicago Street names and name changes, one of the links listed is for 1909 which explains the street name changes: and another link which refers you to conversion changes in the heart of the Loop in 1911. I still need to make full use of this site because I keep finding more Chicago ancestors. For more information on the pre 1909 addresses this website refers you to the Chicago Historical Society files. Lets see what they have online....
This article comments on the background of the decision to change the street names. The Chicago Historical Society also has a list of "zoomable" maps of Chicago from 1812 to the present. Another resource is a Publication by the Chicago Historical Society Your House Has A History which also mentions the street name and address changes. and also contains another link to the digitized address conversion guide from 1910 and an additional publication from 1948. The Chicago Architecture History page is on the following page:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Monday....

I really liked Randy Seavers' Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ahnentafel Roulette on his Genea-Musings blog dated September 19, 2009 here is my reply.

My father is 72 and after I divided that by 4, I came up with #18.

#18 Ada Martina Coon

Facts about her:

o She had a heart for children and worked in an orphanage.
o She was one of the first of my ancestors to move to California, where she resided in Long Beach.
o I do not know what happened to her first husband but Ada remarried Julius Delos Wescott, son of Sarah Potter and Simon Wescott on 25 March 1893.
o I several pictures of Ada, some are cabinet cards and two tintypes.

A curious coincidence: I was working with the Lost Treasures committee at the San Diego Genealogical society with another society member and discovered we were distantly related through the marriage of Ada and Juluis. She was related to Sarah Potter and I was related to Ada (nee Coon). We were able to trade information and fill in holes in our research.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparation for Library Trip Next Month

In order to prepare for my research trip in October, I have downloaded research guides from the Georgia Cole Library (Carlsbad, CA) Genealogy website and now I am in the process of looking at the electronic catalog for items pertaining to my research. I just barely started Ashland, OH and the Ward and Malcolm families. The Ward family is still stumping me. I can't seem to be able to go back any further than Ohio. I found a database reference to a marriage record for Edward Ward and Margaret Miller in Allegheny county, Maryland but that is all I have so far. My aunt claims that the Wards were from Lynchburg, Virginia and that they were confederates. I looked for the supposed confederate ancestor "Joel Ward" but he was in Ohio by the time of the Civil War were there people who fought on the confederate side from Ohio? I thought most Ohio folks of the Civil War era were either neutral or Union sympathizers. Anyone who could shed some light on this problem?

Google Maps App, Thanks Randy!

Thanks to Randy Seavers' for his tip in his Genea-Musings blog dated: Monday, September 14, 2009: Using Google Earth to find land location in the Public Land Survey System States: I was able to locate land for Leander Coon in Ohio: NEQ, NWQ; Sec 35; TWP 5N; Range 16E. I used Google Earth with the website Randy suggested. Thanks Randy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Catching up on my Legacy database entries

I have been using this time of infirmary to catch up on my Legacy genealogy data entry. Here are excerpts from the items entered

Alexander Graham:
One entry that I need to do more research on is an email I received from a Graham researcher. The email states that Alexander Graham was the oldest of 6 children of Aeneas and Sarah Graham. The sender deduced that he was born after the 1810 census but before the1830 census. He was counted in 1830. I have Alexander's wife as Elizabeth Rose. (DeWitt Clinton Graham's pension records)

Robert Malcolm:
I also have a copy of an email from in whiche the sender mentions three brother Robert, Archibald and Thomas Malcolm and that they were from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Their parents were Alexander Malcolm and Barbara Ritchie. The email contains the name of a book "The Hills of Home" by Rober K. McLain. I will check Google Books or a university library for the book. This is also a lead I need to follow.

I also entered some obituaries:
John W. Priaulx of Racine WI who passed away on March 6, 2004
and Robert E. Richards of Peoria, AZ who passed away Oct 7, 2008
(these were uncles of mine.)

I also transcribed the captions from the Edith Dahlberg Woods' Photograph Album, whose daughter Geraldine Woods Urban identified the photos. I also have these scanned into my computer as well as in my genealogy files. This Dahlberg family lived in Jefferson Park, Chicago, Illinois where they lived at 5100 Avondale. I also have a scrapbook which lists the Dahlberg family and Deyoung family kept by Katherine (nee DeYoung) Dahlberg and given to me by Katherine's daugter Phyllis Dahlberg's children. This is digitized.

Arthur, Titus, and Fredrick Stonequist who were sons of Charles Stonequist: scans of Marriage Licenses from Family Search collection of Illinois, Cook County Marriages 1871-1920.

Milton Coon: census records and land records from Ancestry
Leander Coon: census records and land records from Ancestry

From a publication Index to Names in the History of Jefferson County, Wisconsin Illustrated: Coon, Congdon and Dow listed in this index which I found at the San Diego Genealogical Society library.