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Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicago Street name changes 1909 to 1911

Pondering a pre 1909 locality in the Windy City? This may help:
go to and you can search for Chicago Street names and name changes, one of the links listed is for 1909 which explains the street name changes: and another link which refers you to conversion changes in the heart of the Loop in 1911. I still need to make full use of this site because I keep finding more Chicago ancestors. For more information on the pre 1909 addresses this website refers you to the Chicago Historical Society files. Lets see what they have online....
This article comments on the background of the decision to change the street names. The Chicago Historical Society also has a list of "zoomable" maps of Chicago from 1812 to the present. Another resource is a Publication by the Chicago Historical Society Your House Has A History which also mentions the street name and address changes. and also contains another link to the digitized address conversion guide from 1910 and an additional publication from 1948. The Chicago Architecture History page is on the following page:

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