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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparation for Library Trip Next Month

In order to prepare for my research trip in October, I have downloaded research guides from the Georgia Cole Library (Carlsbad, CA) Genealogy website and now I am in the process of looking at the electronic catalog for items pertaining to my research. I just barely started Ashland, OH and the Ward and Malcolm families. The Ward family is still stumping me. I can't seem to be able to go back any further than Ohio. I found a database reference to a marriage record for Edward Ward and Margaret Miller in Allegheny county, Maryland but that is all I have so far. My aunt claims that the Wards were from Lynchburg, Virginia and that they were confederates. I looked for the supposed confederate ancestor "Joel Ward" but he was in Ohio by the time of the Civil War were there people who fought on the confederate side from Ohio? I thought most Ohio folks of the Civil War era were either neutral or Union sympathizers. Anyone who could shed some light on this problem?

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