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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Catching up on my Legacy database entries

I have been using this time of infirmary to catch up on my Legacy genealogy data entry. Here are excerpts from the items entered

Alexander Graham:
One entry that I need to do more research on is an email I received from a Graham researcher. The email states that Alexander Graham was the oldest of 6 children of Aeneas and Sarah Graham. The sender deduced that he was born after the 1810 census but before the1830 census. He was counted in 1830. I have Alexander's wife as Elizabeth Rose. (DeWitt Clinton Graham's pension records)

Robert Malcolm:
I also have a copy of an email from in whiche the sender mentions three brother Robert, Archibald and Thomas Malcolm and that they were from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Their parents were Alexander Malcolm and Barbara Ritchie. The email contains the name of a book "The Hills of Home" by Rober K. McLain. I will check Google Books or a university library for the book. This is also a lead I need to follow.

I also entered some obituaries:
John W. Priaulx of Racine WI who passed away on March 6, 2004
and Robert E. Richards of Peoria, AZ who passed away Oct 7, 2008
(these were uncles of mine.)

I also transcribed the captions from the Edith Dahlberg Woods' Photograph Album, whose daughter Geraldine Woods Urban identified the photos. I also have these scanned into my computer as well as in my genealogy files. This Dahlberg family lived in Jefferson Park, Chicago, Illinois where they lived at 5100 Avondale. I also have a scrapbook which lists the Dahlberg family and Deyoung family kept by Katherine (nee DeYoung) Dahlberg and given to me by Katherine's daugter Phyllis Dahlberg's children. This is digitized.

Arthur, Titus, and Fredrick Stonequist who were sons of Charles Stonequist: scans of Marriage Licenses from Family Search collection of Illinois, Cook County Marriages 1871-1920.

Milton Coon: census records and land records from Ancestry
Leander Coon: census records and land records from Ancestry

From a publication Index to Names in the History of Jefferson County, Wisconsin Illustrated: Coon, Congdon and Dow listed in this index which I found at the San Diego Genealogical Society library.

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