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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day is approaching, and I'm thinking about the mysterious Jessie Wescott

I have been feverishly making Valentines.  My favorite ancestor couples lately are George Francis Riddell and Jessie Wescott; Ada Coon and David Wescott.  A cousin who is descended from George and Jessie contacted me and I was surprised that I already had Jessie on the family tree as David Wescott's daughter from his first marriage.  George and Jessie's child was adopted by a couple to whom they were distantly related through Ada Coon's first husband: Francis Darling Riddell's father who who was George Riddell's sister Lephe Riddell and her marriage to Ruel Crumb.  

Spring Cleaning a Little Early Legacy woes and Roots Magic perks

I almost had a disaster! Legacy gave me a strange error code and I emailed the support and no one ever replied.  I tried installing an updated version and that failed.  I transferred my data file to my desktop and tried uninstalled Legacy and tried to reinstall from disk, that did not work either.  Fortunately, before I had the error message from Legacy I loaded the file into RootsMagic to convert and that was fine.  I noticed that RootsMagic has more places for notes.  There are notes for the individual, family and in the new version there is a research log.  It is nice to have options!  I also like RootsMagic's master source file in which you can select the source type and it formats the source citation after you enter the pertinent information in a file.  Although, for writing purposes I use the good old fashioned footnotes.  RootsMagic does not let me put superscript for foot noting so I had to resort to "footnote #" which is not the conventional style.  I can convert it on a Word Processor later if I choose to write more on this family line. 

Disclaimer:  I am not an employee or affiliated with Roots Magic or Legacy, I am a user of their genealogy software and no compensation was received for this posting.