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Friday, October 23, 2009

More on Chicago Research

A new friend in the NSCGS recommended that I check the County Assessors office website for Cook County but I could not obtain any results without a pin number. I was searching for 5100 Avondale Drive, 2362 Avondale Drive and 3901 Sheridan Road. The Avondale drive addresses were for Ericka Dahlberg and Gustav Dahlberg. The Sheridan Road address was for Leonard Titus Stonequist.

I am also looking for photos of gravestones from Ridgewood 1900 Lawrence Street: Charles Stonequist,
I have other relatives buried at Union Ridge Cemetery located at 6700 West Higgins, Chicago, Illinois: Sandburg, N.J. and Wihilmina and Mormor (buried next to Sandburgs). Other ancestors that are buried in this cemetery include Martin Dahlberg and Ericka Dahlberg. I suppose its off to explore some other mapping sites.

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