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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part 3: Leyden Houses from Arms History of Leyden

Leyden Homes: bolded for emphasis
"Beginning at the North end of River Road in the northwest corner of the town was the 1858 home of Nathaniel Avery; next down the road lived Crandall Thorn. Opposite him was Allen Gates' [I think this should be Peter Allen Gates?] home, birth place of John Riddell's mother [Lephe Gates]. At the foot of the hill was the Thorn Mill. Next down the road lived R. Miner on the old Benj. Baker place, and off to th4e left was the Crandall Homestead, E.G. Miner lived on the thre preent Louise Johnson place...The Mowry home site where John Wells has recently rebuilt, may have been the birthplace of John L. Riddell [father was John Riddell]." [Arms 110]see footnote 1

"The Peter Gates house in West Leyden, home of John Riddell's mother, was torn down in 1908, but it is said to be an exact replica of the Newcomb gouse. When demolished, many unusual antiques, including spinning wheels, oxen equipment and old-time utensils were distovered in the walls." [Arms 196] see footnote 1

1. Arms, William Tyler and Masha E. Arms. The History of Leyden Massachusetts 1676-1959. The Enterprise and Journal. Orange, Massachusetts. 1959. p. 157,196]. (Georgina Cole Library, 974.422 H2 ARM.)

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