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Friday, October 23, 2009

Riddell, Gates and Crumb in The History of Leyden, MA part 1


I found another very useful book in the Georgina Cole Library. This book covers the History of Leyden. on page 65, 1781 Census, under the heading "Yorkers" I found David Gates listed on River Road East and his brother Peter Gates on River Road North, grand father of John L.{Leonard] Riddell.

Also listed on page 65 under Leyden and Mountain are Phineas Crumb who lived on River Road east and Billington Crumb (descendant of Mayflower stock). The Crumb family married into the Riddell family when Ruel Crumb married Lephe Mirah Riddell who was the sister of John Leonard Riddell Lephe Mirah and John Leonard were daughter and son of Captain John Riddle and Lephe Gates (Peter Gates was Lephe's father).

Again on page 65 is Robert Riddell on River Road, Grandfatehr of J.L. Riddell. Robert was the immigrant ancestor from Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

"An especially interesting event in Leyden, was the birth of Miss Lephe Gates on November 22nd (1787). Lephe was the daughter of mary and Peter Gates of West Leyden. She was later to become the mother of John L. Riddell, World-renowned scientist" [He was a brother to my direct ancestor Dr. George Riddell]". (page 78)

"Robert Riddle, grandfather of the Leyden scientist, is listed this year as a "sealer of leather." he saw to it that hides were properly tanned and cured. A road record of this period places Riddle's house in West Leyden on the old Ianthe Cook Place."(page 83) 1.

1. Arms, William Tyler and Masha E. Arms. The History of Leyden Massachusetts 1676-1959. The Enterprise and Journal. Orange, Massachusetts. 1959. p. 65,78,83. (Georgina Cole Library, 974.422 H2 ARM.)

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