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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Riddell, Gates and Crumb in The History of Leyden, MA part 2 1795-1806

1795-1800 [bracket items are my comments]

1797 Direct personal property tax on houses:
Nathaniel Avery (2 houses) $150 and $350 [ Desire Avery married Ephriam Gates, Ephriam was the brother to my direct ancestor Lephe Gates I am still in the process of searching for Desire Avery.]
David Gates $180 [David is a brother to my direct ancestor Peter Gates]
Peter Gates $150 [Peter is my direct ancestor, his daughter Lephe Gates married John Riddle (Riddell)].
Oliver Noyes $200 [this person if possibly related to Nathan Noyes who married Susanah Riddle (Riddell)in Colrain. Sussanah was the daughter of Gawn Riddle , MA]
David Potter 460[I have three Potters related by marriage in my genealogy Harriet Potter 1823, Wisconsin; Sarah Potter who married Simon Wescott; and another Sarah Potter married to Andrew Darling, I am unsure how if how David Potter is related to these individuals, another person to research][Arms 92] see footnote 1

Lephe Gates and her son John Leonard Riddell:

"Of immediate interest, however, is the 1806 record of the marriage intentions of "Leafe Gates of Leyden to John Riddle of Colrain'. The Caeer of John Leonard Riddell: Inventor, Botanist and Doctor of Medicine It was in 1787 that Lephe Gates, daughter of Peter and mary Gates, was born in West Leyden in a house nearly opposite the Henry thorn up-and-down saw mill. Lephe grew up on her father's farm which was colse to a side road lieading to a Green river fordway. Ant it was near this fordway that Lephe was courted by John Riddle, son of Robbert Riddle whose fine Scotch-Irish ancestry could be traced back to the 8th century. It was in the West Leyden area, on Vebuary 20, 1807, that John L. [Leonard] Riddle later to be written Riddell) was born. It was doubtless during his long walks to and from "Hollow School house" that young John, later to beocme an outstanding Americal botanist first became interested in wild flowers." [At a later time I will devote a series of posts about John Leonard Riddell. I own two books that were written about him as well as a .PDF file on the Riddell Genealogy written by his brother William Pitt Riddell and edited by John Leonard Riddell.] At this time I will include condensed and brief chronology of Dr. Riddell's life: [John Leonard Riddell was the brother of my ancestor Dr. George Riddell]
1826 Riddell's personal journal [currently housed at Tulane University, Special Collections Library] on aeronautics, philisophy, geology and personal accounts of his life which covers his life in the West (Ohio) and South (New Orleans, Louisiana)
1835 Riddell earns his professorship in botany and chemistry at the Cincinnati Medical College
wrote "A Synopsis of the Flora and Fauna of the United States"
1836 Riddell accepts post as chemistry professor at Louisiana Medical College (Now Tulane University)Riddell was selected as melter and Refiner at the New Orleans mint.
1844 research in bacteriology, invented the binocular microscope and demonstrated it in 1852 and the Army Medical Division in Washington used it.
1847 aerial navigation lecture (space travel)
(he had several more accomplishments which will be posted at a later date)
1865 Riddell dies [of a heart attack] at age 58: [A few months before his death Dr. Riddell proclaimed himself victor in the Louisiana's governor election but Lincoln and the delegates refused to acknowledge that because he allowed the black population and women to vote for him. It also did not help that the state of Louisiana chose to succeed from the Union at about that time. Riddell wrote a letter to Lincoln reassuring him of his faithfulness to the Union see] (Arms 97) see footnote 1

1. Arms, William Tyler and Masha E. Arms. The History of Leyden Massachusetts 1676-1959. The Enterprise and Journal. Orange, Massachusetts. 1959. p. 93, 96. (Georgina Cole Library, 974.422 H2 ARM.)

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