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Friday, June 6, 2008

San Diego Genealogical Society Lost Treasures

I am working of several different projects for the Lost Treasures Committee. I am trying to assemble Family Bible scans and pdf files into a "Lost Treasures" website. The photograph inventory is about half way done and I am working on the following families and looking for the next of kin or archive in the nearest locality to the families.

Banta/Simmons of Ohio>Iowa>Bakersfield, CA
Purl Wyatt family of Riverside, CA and San Diego, CA

At the Society we have three file cabinets full of "Raw Notes" notes from member's family research that they have donated. There is apparently a "Banta" file there. One of the committee members thought that there may be a relationship between the Banta/Simmons family and the Wyatt family. I have not yet found any evidence of that.

Due to a new discoveries of original and copies of vital records in the Raw Notes (we are compiling information for a future online database) it looks like the Lost Treasures Committee will be busier than we originally thought!


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