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Monday, March 22, 2010

Los Angeles Library Trip with SDGS

On Saturday I went on a bus trip to the Los Angeles Library (Central). I had several lines of descent I wanted to research and was eager to see what I could find. The genealogy department is in the basement of the library. They are known for their directory collection. Some of the books I found were crumbling. It was a good thing I brought my white cotton gloves! I learned to use the cotton gloves when I was doing inventory for the SDGS Lost Treasures. Those old photos can get damaged with the oil from my fingers if cotton gloves are not used. I found one place that carries the gloves, Nelson's Photos in Little Italy, downtown San Diego. I bought a dozen white gloves the last time I was there. The library books were in such frail condition the pages were coming out and I had to carefully support the book like a newborn baby's wobbly head. Due to some home maintenance today I will have to blog about the actual research findings later this week. I found more questions to my question than actual answers which is the normal progression of things when you work with your family history.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of the LAPL or Nelson's Photo.

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