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Monday, February 22, 2010

Update to post 3 Gates--bold items are additions

Gurdon Gates: Marriage 1: Esther Miner Gurdon Gates and Esther Miner were double cousins as they shared Isaac Denison and Esther Williams in common as great grandparents, their mothers were sisters. Marriage 2: Esther Denison: [Research question He married his Aunt?] [Burrow 453]
Gurdon Gates Children
1. Gurdon Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
"Gurdon Gates 1879-1881 was for many years a clipper ship captain and afterward was commander of steamer "Victory" of the Mallory line, He lived at Mystic where he died in 1842." [Stark 100]
2. Henry Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
3. Joseph Gates [Denison Society]
4. Kariska Gates [Denison Society]
5. Nathan Stanton Gates in 1888 Ann Borodell Denison Gates who founded the Denison Society at Pequosepos Manor is Stonington. [Denison Society]
6. Louise Phelps Gates [Denison Society]
Isaac Gates [Barbour] was born 7 October 1852 [Gallup 228]. Isaac Gates served in the Civil war transport as captain. [Stark 317] He married Prudence P.Gallup 24 September 1851 at Mystic River. Prudence was the daughter of Abagail Spicer and James Gates[Gallup 228] Prudence was a teacher at Mystic Academy (about 1850) [Stark 368]
Isaac Gates Children:
Edmund Gates born 7 October 1852 and died 14 March 1865 [Gallup 228]
Abbie S. Gates Married Charles L. Stark [Gallup 228]. Charles Stark was the author of the "History of Groton" and "Starks Family Genealogy", He died January 23, 1930 at 101 Carver Road in Newton Highlands, MA at age 83. He was born 27 May 1848 a son of Henry Stark and Mary Rathburn to Providence, Rhode Island [Rhode Island Historical Society member] and member of Rogers Baptist church in 1924 he moved to Massachusetts. He is buried at Elm Cemetary in Mystic [Stark Obit]
Genieve S.Gates married Charles Westcott of Providence, Rhode Island [1860 Census]

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