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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gates Part 3: Peter Gates to Zebediah 9 Gates

Peter Gates6 (Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
[This is my direct line: Gwynn Socolich]
Peter, s. Zeb [ediah]5 and Sarah b. Feb. 15, 175 [ ] [Barbour 130]
Peter Gates6 15 Feb 175 [ ] [Barbour 129; Arms 65] aka Allen [Arms 110] Came to Leyden abt 1780 w/ Mary Allen of Groton, CT Lived on River Road ; Land: Gate’s Hill Lat 42.721472 – Long. 72.648147, NNW of Leyden [USGS]
Colrain Franklin County, MA. Building Valuation: Peter = 150.00 and David $180.00 [Arms]
Children of Peter:
Lephe Gates (aka Leafie, Lephe)(my direct ancestor) born in Leyden, MA marries John Riddle (later Riddell) "She was born opposite Henry Thorn’s Saw Mill." [Arms 96], "The house was torn down in 1908 and family antiques were discovered in the walls". [Arms 157] John Riddle lived on River Road. Leafie, (Lephe, Lephie) Gates +John Riddle in Leyden, MA:Children: George Riddell [note: This is my direct ancestor, Dr. John Leonard Riddell
Ephriam Gates b. 1783 carried on the family farm [Arms 196] married Desire Avery and a son of Ephriam Gates named Allen Gates had a daughter named Hannah who married James Baldwin Miner [Arms 196]
Sarah Gates 1751: Note that Sarah’s twin Zebediah7 was also born 1751
Zebadiah Gates7 born 1751 twin with Sarah. (brother to Lephe Gates born in 1751 m. Nancy Denison in Stonington 1820 [Barbour 130].

Zebadiah Gates7 (Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
Zebadiah Gates7 Children:
Zebadiah8 Gates born October 22, 1782
Zebadiah8 Gates (Zebadiah7 Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
Zebadiah8 was born at the “old homestead one mile north of Fort Hill [research question: in Groton, CT?] , where his father and grandfather had lived and died before him. [Zebediah8 was born on] October 22, 1782 where he lived until a few years ago, when he was persuaded to come to Mystic River and take up his residence with his son”[Probably Gurdon Gates of Mystic]”. [Mystic Journal 1859] Zebediah8 married. Abagail who died 3 Feb 1820. Secondly, he married Mercy Denison born 1784 [1850 Census,Groton;Denison Newsletter] Zebediah Gates [4] died on 7 April 1816 age 66. [Mystic Journal 1859] Probate notice on estate dated June 10, 1816 in the Connecticut Gazette, executors are Zebadiah Gates and Rufus Smith.[Connecticut Gazette, 1816]
Zebadiah8 Gates Children:
Zebediah9 Gates b. d. 15 July 1859

Zebediah9 Gates (Zebadiah8 Zebadiah7 Peter6 Zebadiah5 Zebadiah4 Thomas3 Stephen2, Stephen1)
The New London gazette published an article on 15 March 1837 about Zebediah9 Gates and his assistance to Poquonock who was under quarentine because of small pox. He disobeyed the ordinance to help his fellow man. Later he moved to Mystic River. He married who married first Eunice Packer who was born in April 1803, married in April 1803.Eunice died 3 Feb 1820. After his first wife died Zebediah9 [5] married Mercy Denison on 7 June 1820. Mercy and Zebediah’s9 mothers were sisters. Zebediah9 died on 15 July 1859 of “quick consumption” [Mystic Journal 1859] [Research Zebediah9. Obituary in Mystic Journal 1859.

Zebediah9 was a probate Judge for New London County in 1848 and he also filled several town offices. He was “troubled for a number of years with a cancer near his eye, and was confined to the house by it for about 19 months previous to his death. ..His funeral took place last Sunday at his late residence…His remains were taken to the Mystic River Cemetery”.[Mystic Journal 1850] [Groton, New London, Connecticut]

Children: Zebediah9 Gates
Charles Gates married Jane E. Latham 1 August 1851
Gurdon Gates: Marriage 1: Esther Miner Gurdon Gates and Esther Miner were double cousins as they shared Isaac Denison and Esther Williams in common as great grandparents, their mothers were sisters. Marriage 2: Esther Denison: [Research question He married his Aunt?] [Burrow 453]
Gurdon Gates Children
1. Gurdon Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
2. Henry Gates [1860 Census, Groton]
3. Joseph Gates [Denison Society]
4. Kariska Gates [Denison Society]
5. Nathan Stanton Gates in 1888 Ann Borodell Denison Gates who founded the Denison Society at Pequosepos Manor is Stonington. [Denison Society]
6. Louise Phelps Gates [Denison Society]
Isaac Gates [Barbour] was born 7 October 1852 [Gallup 228]. He married Prudence P.Gallup 24 September 1851 at Mystic River. Prudence was the daughter of Abagail Spicer and JamesGates[Gallup 228]
Isaac Gates Children:
Edmund Gates born 7 October 1852 and died 14 March 1865 [Gallup 228]
Abbie S. Gates Married Charles L. Stark [Gallup 228]
Genieve S.Gates married Charles Westcott of Providence, Rhode Island [1860 Census]

1880-1900 Mystic Seaport in Connecticut History Online Database has a photograph (stereopotical) the title and description are as follows. “Gates homestead, Clift Street, Mystic. “A man and woman stand in front of a large house with a pitched and wing identified at the gates homestead, Clift Street, Mystic. Chimneys are visible on the main structure and on the wing to the right. A porch extends across the front of what appears to be the main structure.” part of Scholfield Collection: file name is IMG0080-3231.434 []
Warren 1765 brother of Zebadiah9[Barbour 129]?

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