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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gates Bibliography Gates part 1

The following constitutes the resources I used for the Gates analysis in post 2 and 3.

1850 Census, Groton, New London, Connectitut. Roll M653_90, p688. Imae 63. Family History Film no: 803090. Database: [Digital Image]

1860 Census, Groton, New London, Connectitut. Roll M653_90, p. 683. Image 58. Family History Library Film: 803090. Database: [Digital Image]

A Card. Database. Newspaper. Digital Image. News Article. Genealogy Bank 2004. New London Gazette. New London, Connecticut. 15 March 1837.

“The American Eagle”. Database. Newspaper. Digital Image. Genealogy Bank 2004. Mystic Journal Oct 29, 1859. [Mystic Journal 1859]
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Blackman, Nathan Lincoln by Alfred Holman NEGHS, 1928.[Blackman]

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Cutter, Carl C. Mystic The Story of A Small New England Seaport.Marine Historicla Association. Dec 15, 1945. Reprinted at Mystic Seaport. Sept. 1951. [Book}Photo of Gurdon Gates and Medium Clipper “Twilight”.

Gallup, John Douglas. The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family of the United Sates [Google Books] Online Database. Digital Image. [Gallup]

Gates, Charles Otis. Stephen Gates of Lancaster, Massachusettes and his descendants [online] Google Boonk. Http:// P. 9-10,12,15,25. [search terms: Zebediah Gates] [OC Gates].

Genealogy of the Descendants of William Cheesbrough, The Founder and First town Settler of Stonington, Connecticut. [Digital Image] Database. [Cheesbrough]

Geer, George and His Descendants, p.18. [Geer]

Mystic Photo of Spyglass that belonged to Gurdon Gates.

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Wheeler, Richard Anfon. History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut. Google Books [Database]

“Zebediah Gates” Obituary. Database. Newspaper. Digital Image. Genealogy Bank 2004. Mystic Journal. 23 July 1859. [Mystic Journal 1859]

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