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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Santa Barbara Trip, Spanish Heritage Anyone?

Santa Barbara Presidio: You never know what you will discover when you go on vacation!

One of the Family Group Sheets at the Presidio had the surname Dye listed in the line which is pictured above. I have a Dye relative by marriage from Ohio. I do not know if they are related. Another research project!

We just returned from a trip to Santa Barbara, California. I lived there for a few years. We visited the Presidio which was reconstructed after the time I lived there. They have an ongoing archeological field school. I was delighted when my husband discovered several family group sheets in large poster frames on the wall.

Also at the Presidio:
I obtained a sheet of the Real Presidio de Santa Barbara Founding Garrison (Aril 21, 1782 (list from the Santa Barbara Company, July 1, 1782 and Escolta of Mission San Buenaventura (March 31, 1782) from the 1782 and 1783 baptismal, marriage, and burial records of Mission San Buenaventura. The information was compiled by Mary Triplett Ayers. This lists the Soldados (soldiers and other officers at the Presidio) if you have any ancestors in Santa Barbara in 1782-1783 see the article below:

I just found this article written by Mary Triplett Ayers: The Founders of Santa Barbara at and it looks like most of the list and then some are included in this article.

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