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Friday, May 28, 2010

San Diego County Library , Vista Genealogical Reference:

I have been looking at local resources. I thought I would start with the San Diego County Library in Vista, California. The following is not a library catalog but a list of genealogy resources available in this library.
Are you searching for...

Revolutionary War Ancestors?
Call No: R303.64
Three Volume Set - Revolutionary Movements in World History, Encyclopedia of the US (NARA)

Background on the Census?
Census Catalogs for 1790-1780, 1900, 1910 and 1920
call no: R304.60973

Military service and/or medals? Do you have any Civil War photos?
R355.134 American Badges and medals
R355.14 Uniforms of the Civil War by Philip Haythornwaite (1990)
R355.14 Civil war Uniforms, A Photo Guide by Philip Katcher (Photos and detailed chronologies)
R317.3 Your Guide to Federal Census by Kathleen Hinkley (2002)
R355.14 US Army Headgear by Edgar Howell
US Government Printing office's Catalog of US Army Uniforms in the Collection of the Smithsonian Institution Volume 2 (1975)
R355.140973 American Civil War Armies 4, State Troops: for each state there are photos and illustrations by Philip Katcher and Don Volstad (Men at Arms Series) (1987)

Part two will be about Facts About American Immigration which is a book by Irene M. Frank in 2001. Indian names, First name Reverse dictionary, Black names, American Family names, Immigration, Newspaper resources at the Vista Library and genealogy books.

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