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Friday, October 10, 2008

Miscell. Documents Inventoried, Listed here

The following documents have been inventoried by the Lost Treasures Committee for the San Diego Genealogical Society and are ready to be donated to a direct descendant or a regional archives. (The wills can be donated to an indirect descendant)

Vital Records
  • Sharon Leigh: Baptismal Certificate (1976) San Diego, CA
  • Bergin/Brockman: Marriage Certificate and Will Probate
  • Wright/Shield: Marriage document
  • Nelson Fish and Lulu James: copy of marraige certificate (June 1869)
  • Holland William Campbell and Lola Lean Brashear (Dec 13, 1949): original marriage certificate (San Diego, CA)
  • Diane Ruth Tunis: Baby book with genealogy: related surnames: Dysart, Hill, West Munday of Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, CA
  • Arthur A. De Titta death certificate copy, Riverside County (death date 17 May 1992): other names mentioned: Mother was Rose Truncellilo ot Italy and wife was Helen (nee Hurt) De Titta. Cameraman for 20th Century Fox
  • These wills are all from San Diego:
  • Will of Rachel Wegeforth (1961)Will and instructions of Nell Grant Cronan (1929-1930)
  • Will of Ellen Robb and the will of her daughter Frances M. Robb (Jan 14, 1959)
  • Will of Charles Christianson (July 7, 1967)
  • Stam Register der Familie Lendeke: Possibly of Hamburg Germany, written in German (1898)
  • Schwab Family History (written in German)(1886)
  • Mildred Bergin: Passport (1926)
  • Marion Thompson Ogden: British Passport (1950) El Cajon, CA
  • Sue Lovell: Letters to the Milton Methodist Episcopal Church, Milton Washington, regarding the 25th anniversary celebration of Church: most of the letters are addressed to Dr. Ethel M. Short, Tacoma Washington
  • David Whitten: High School Diploma (June 1984)
  • F. Johnston Day: Masters Degree of Philosophy from University of Divine Science in Seattle, Washington (1940)
  • DAR Certificate Edna Estelle Van Orsdall Craig of Colorado for Conrad Hogmire (Revolutionary War ancestor)

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Contact Bonnie Fago, Lost Treasures Committee chair for the San Diego Genealogical Society for details.