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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ed and Fanny Friend more information

Searching for descendants of Ed Friend who married Fanny Hunter who lived on Vine Street in Riverside, Riverside County, California (1910) Census. The 1920 Census shows Fanny Friend born in Kansas, living with William Friend (age 45 at the time) Ed working as a foreman at a gas company. Frances Friend (Aunt) is LVN nurse, Saloma Paisley is Aunt in Law and is 78. (possibly Fanny's mother's sister?) Hunter, William B. , Father in law to William Friend. 1922 San Diego County: Fannie Friend and Walter Friend (Salesman). We have city directories in the SDGS library and I will check these for years after 1922 in the attempt to locate a descendant.
(I believe Ed Friend and William Friend are the same person)

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