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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ed and Fanny Friend of Riverside

I am working with the Genealogy Society of Riverside (GSOR) to try to identify descendants of William Edward Friend and Fanny (nee Hunter) Friend.

Hopefully a descendant will come forward and claim the two pictures we have, one each of William Edward Friend and Fanny Friend.

I am also working on a collateral line for Fannie (nee Hunter) Friend. In the 1920 census Saloma Paisley is listed as "Aunt in Law" to William Edward Friend. Saloma filed for divorce from an abusive husband (George Paisley) in 1891 (newspaper article), when she was awarded custody of her three children: Paul Paisley, b. 1880 (census in 1900 and 1930 tracked him to Los Angeles County along with voter registration). Saloma's other children were George Paisley(the second) (born after 1881 but before 1891) and Elizabeth Paisley (b. 1881).

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