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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sankey Family Marriage Liscenses found on Family Search Pennsylvania County Marriages

I was thrilled to find Marriage Applications and marriage licenses on Family Search

The database is "Pennsylvania County Marriages 1885-1950"
I found the following scanned applications and marriage licenses:
Ida M. Sankey married WIlliam Carson on April 28, 1897.
Elmer Sankey married Mary Gilbert on June 5, 1906.
Violet Sankey married Edgar Cushard on June 26, 1903
James Sankey married Eunice Crain on June 20, 1894
Guy Sankey married Tillie Kephart on 15 November 1902
The Sankeys were from Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania.

My ancestor was the youngest: Thomas Daniel Sankey; He lived with James Runkle. Rosetta Breon and their daughters Annie Runkle (who married Dr. Allison) and Laura Runkle.  They had an inn at Centre Hall.  James Runke was brother to Lydia Runkle, Thomas Sankey's mother.

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