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Friday, August 10, 2012

Post 2 GC Library Carsbad History Room

Overview of the Carlsbad History room:

The Carlsbad History room is located on the bottom floor, behind the magazines in the Carlsbad Georgina Cole Library.


Carlsbad Oral History Collection


Carlsbad Newspaper Collection

Carlsbad Champion, January 1926 – December 1927
Carlsbad Journal, January 1928 – December 1992
Carlsbad Sun, January 1993 – December 1995
North Coast Advertiser, March 5, 1975 – February 1981
Oceanside Blade, October 1892 – April 1930
Additionally, a microfilm collection of the short-lived weekly newspaper Carlsbad Sea Lion is available (December 10, 1887 – June 23, 1888).
Excerpts from the Plain Truth/Spirit of Love newspaper are available (June 1884 – December 1922). These were compiled by Robert Baird.

Carlsbad Yearbooks

Carlsbad Print/Video collection for local history

Examples are on the website:



More than 4,700 photos are available for historical research. Some photos are available via patron provided portable storage device. Historical photos can be viewed by appointment.




Zahniser Family 1882 – 1906, 1930; Shipley and Magee 1886 – 1954; Roberts 1942

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