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Thursday, November 21, 2013

How does George (1) Ward of Tygert Valley, Randolph County, West Virginia fit into my line of descent?

A Tragic account from: The Kinnan Massacre. West Virginia History: George Ward of Tygert Valley died before his wife Mary Ward.  As a young widow Mary Ward went to live with a friend named Mary Kinnan (nee Lewis) and her husband and children.  Mary had three children of her own, two boys George (2) and David  and one girl; The child of Mary Ward's named Mary was killed by Shawnee.  Also, during an evening raid by the Shawnee, David was scalped but survived and George who was an infant was slipped out of a window by his mother.   Mary ran to get help from a neighbor: John Hamilton. He sounded the alarm and help did not come soon enough and the Shawnee took Mary Kinnan captive for four years.

This tragic account led me to look for the grandfather Israel Ward in Gloucester, New Jersey.  Apparently, Mary returned to New Jersey with her sons and David bore a scar on his forehead as evidence of the Shawnee raid.

The question I have is who was George (1) Ward's father?  A working hypothesis is that his father was Edward Ward son of  John (1) Ward because of a Military Pension file I found on

I will keep looking and see if I can resolve this quandary.

Source: Sutler, Boyd B.  The Kinnan Massacre. West Virginia History. Volume 1, No 1. October 1939 page 30.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Fold3. I am a genealogist with gsgenealogy.

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gsgenealogy said...

Update: I have found a George Ward who is the brother of Lawerance Ward of Newark, New Jersey. George's pension mentioned that he was from New Jersey.

So, this would make George a collateral relative to me.