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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Did you ever consider the occupations run in your family?

I have several doctors in my family as well as musicians, writers and railroad workers.

My parents were both teachers. My father was a university Dean and professor and my mom
taught elementary school.  I am a teacher of sorts. I teach people about their family histories and I teach paper crafting classes. So in my own way I am carrying on the legacy left to me by my parents.  Also, both of my parents enjoyed learning about history like I do.

Both my family and my husband's family have a history of working for the railroad.  My branch was working on the Chicago Northwest Railroad and my husbands grandfather was a Blacksmith's assistant for the railroad in Sacramento, California.

Storytelling also runs strong in my family.  One of my grandparents was a vaudeville drummer and had stories about the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton coming for dinner.  Ole Dahlberg was reported to be able to roll his hat down his arm in the grand vaudeville tradition. Ole told of a young Benny K. who played with him for a while in the Orchestra at Waukegan, Illinois. Benny K. later became Jack Benny.

My grandparents Alice Dahlberg and Thomas Riddell Sankey worked at the Racine Journal Times (Racine Times Call) So they made a living with storytelling and telling the stories of others as Journalists.

(Do not reproduce without permission Copyright Gwynn Socolich 2017)

Disclaimer: I am a self employed Genealogist, I do not work for a railroad or the Racine Journal Times.

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