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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Orginized Sate Research Guides

I finally made a large binder for all those genealogy articles I have collected.
So far I have collected some state guides for:
-Virginia...on the Virginia/Pennsylvania boundary dispute in 1681-1785 where both states claimed the same land. One of those areas was in what is now Washington County, Pennsylvania where I am trying to locate my ancestor Aneas Graham who was the father of Alexander Graham. Alexander Graham was the father of my direct ancestor DeWitt Clinton Graham (of Monongahela)
-Illinois, where my grandmother Alice Sankey was born. Also in Illinois: Kramer, Stonequist, Dahlberg, Nauta (Swedish and Dutch ancestors)in Chicago.
-Massachusetts, where my Dow, Thayer, Riddell, Gates, Darling families resided before the Revolutionary war until about 1850.
-Missouri; where my ancestor Christian DeYoung homesteaded according to family tradition. (I am still working on this one.)
-Ohio, where my Graham, Ward, Pementor, Malcolm, Andrews, Byal, Hawkins, Graff, Palm, and Rowland ancestors lived.
-Pennsylvania (other than Graham mentioned earlier in this post): Applegate, Behanna, Sankey, Runkle, Gilliland, Cowden, Sankey(Centre County), McChesney, Adams, Rose, Lewis, Hawkins, Byal ancestors.
-Wisconsin: Riddell, Dow, Coon, Pattee, Congdon, Bodish, Wescott, Avery, DeYoung, Corrigan, Donaldson, Moore, Knapp, Dahlberg, Sankey, Kramer, DeYoung(Step Dad's family: Bartnicki, Luczynski)

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