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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Discovery.... Article about Chicago Genealogy and Railroads

This is truly a thrilling discovery for me. I have three ancestors that worked on the Chicago North West Railroad during their life times.

Christian DeYoung
1892: marriage certificate: ) marriage certificate: Dec 20, 1892. Christian's father is listed as John (could be Jan depending on how Dutch sounds when pronounced) DeYoung; Christian's Mother: Catharina Wassamarr (or Wassenaar) born in Holland. Wife's maiden name is: Jane Hausman.
Registration of Marriages: No. 495
name of husband: Christian DeYoung
name of father of husband: John DeYoung
name of mother of husband before marriage: Catharina Wassaman (or Wassamar) (Friesland, Dutch Archives website: spelling: Wassenaar)
Occupation of husband: Foreman on Railroad
residence of husband: Waukegan, IL
Birthplace of Husband: Holland
Full name of wife previous to marriage: Jane Hauseman, name of mother of wife: Hille Schilsten; Birthplace of wife: Holland: Date Marriage was contracted: Dec 1, 1892; Place or town, and county where marriage was contracted: Racine, Racine Co. WI
Names of subscribing witnesses: John Schlitz and Nellie Schlitz; name of person pronouncing marriage: CK Percival (Racine WI) Dec 15, 1892: Date of registration: Dec 20, 1892. Source: Marriage Certificate, Racine County, City of Racine Courthouse
working as a foreman of Irish and Mexican gangs who laid Chicago Northwestern Railroad in the late 1890's." (page 14) (Christian DeYoung helped build the Chicago NorthWestern Railroad when he brought his PARENTS from Holland to Racine, my mother's birthplace"(page 2)Source: Alice Sankey. Hey Don't Write Me Off . Unpublished Manuscript and interview with Alice Sankey on January 30, 2001
(Alice was my grandmother)

Philip Dahlberg and Gustav Dahlberg:
1903-1906: Illinois, Cook County, Chicago: worked with his step father (Gustave Dahlberg) as a carpenter and on Chicago Northwest Railroad in dining car. [Alice Sankey. "Hey Dont Write Me Off". Unpublished Manuscript.]

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