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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Transitional Genealogy Steps

Hobby Genealogist: Several years personal genealogy research. Volunteered at Genealogical Society as Photo Archivist, Lost Treasures Chairperson and library volunteer; read blogs for new developments in the field, blogging my research results, updating my website. Scanning and fixing Civil War photos from my own collection.(Photoshop Elements)

1. Genealogy seminars from local genealogical societies and Genealogy Conferences like Jamboree, bus trips to Los Angeles Public Library.
2. Join Association for Professional Genealogists (has directory) and the Southern California Chapter
3. Join the APG forum
4. Pro Gen Study Group - I really like this because we have a CG as a mentor and we can bounce ideas off each other and get feedback.
5. SBDC business classes-- They provide a mentor after the classes to get you started.
6. The Transitional Genealogist Forum was helpful but email intensive so I had to unsubscribe.
7. Future: NGS home study course; conferences as I can afford them.
8. Future volunteer: Unclaimed Persons Group volunteer and possibly Find A Grave volunteer photographer.

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