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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jamboree Weekend Train and Hotel

I took the train to Jamboree. The hardest part was lugging the post Jamboree books up the stairs on the train. Fortunately, I have several friends in the San Diego Genealogical Society and Chula Vista Genealogical Society who helped out. On the way up to the conference I sat with my friend from the North San Diego Genealogical Society and we had a nice time talking about genealogy, travel and our families. Due to the cost of gas where I live I seriously do not think that driving would have been cheaper and parking spots at Jamboree are very limited. Although I had to wait a while and take some luggage to my first classes, my room at the Airport Marriott in Burbank was very nice. I had an allergy free and feather free suite all to myself. The suite was a generous size and there was a little fridge hiding among the cabinets. It was refreshing to have cold bottled water to drink. Some of my genealogy friends were upset that they did not get a room at the hotel and were bumped to another hotel without notice and some had to pay more for parking than was agreed upon for Jamboree. Looking back, I probably did not bring enough snacks and could have used a larger suitcase but that would have made it heavier and more of a struggle with the narrow train stairway. The food at the Daily Grill was pricey but of top quality. I figured that a chicken quesadilla appetizer was more than I could eat for dinner and it was not so painful for the pocketbook. Breakfast at the Daily Grill was Oatmeal, orange juice and fruit. The oatmeal bowl was so large I could not eat all of that meal either. My next post will discuss the Jamboree Sessions I attended for my third Jamboree.

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