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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday Day 3 at Jamboree

Sunday, I was fortunate to be able to obtain a last minute ticket to the NEGHS Breakfast with Rhonda McClure. Rhonda gave a delightful and humorous presentation on one of her ancestors who had almost the same surname as my son's history teacher. We all have those mischievous black sheep ancestors, I guess its part of human nature. During the break, I chatted with a dear friend from the Chula Vista Genealogical Society as she relayed a story of her sister who had Alzheimer's. She taught me that you need to keep your sense of humor to keep from becoming too frustrated. I attended Thomas McEntee's Got Illinois Ancestors? A Guide to Prairie State Genealogy Thomas had alot of information and during the session I recognized a fellow NSDGS member who had Chicago ancestors. Several resources I have previously used but several sites and tips were new to me. Thomas was had a good mix and balance of websites and tips. Sunday I left a little early because I did not want to be stuffed in the shuttle with a ton of tired genealogists or have to walk to the train station. One of my friends told me I won a prize but I don't know what it was. Maybe they drew another ticket instead. I came home with a nice collection of reference books. I purchased the NEHGS guide to New England Research which was newly revised. I found some wonderful copies of a Menonite Family History magazine and Ohio genealogy magazine which gave insight to Ohio in the Civil War. I am still working on the Joel Ward family from Ashland Ohio.

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